Thom Explains How To Survive Corona Virus

The Corona Virus is coming, Thom explains how to survive a plague without Universal healthcare.

Can America Rebuild The Middle Class?

America's middle class has been shrinking but Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have a plan that could bring back the middle class.

New Afrikan Revolutionary Writings on Nation, Class and Patriarchy

What class conflicts exist under national oppression? Thom reads from Sanyika Shakur's Stand Up Struggle Forward, to expose the sometimes obscured conflicts capitalism produces.

Socialism and Communism Poll: At an All Time High? (w/ Marion Smith)

There is an all-time high in socialism and communism in the US, according to a poll. Do you think that is true?

Libertarian Concedes To 'Socialist' Sanders' Economic Plan ( w/ Charles Sauer)

Picking some parts of socialism are good and others are bad, according to Charles Sauer. He wants to rid America of most socialism (unless it suits him?) and boost capitalism.

Does Sanders' Tax Plan Work? We Do The Math!

Bernie Sanders wants to Americans to get free healthcare, college, and more but some pundits and political opponents suggest the math doesn't work. Thom Hartmann does the math and proves that Bernie Sander's plans work great!

Should Democrats Unite Under Bernie Sanders?

Should the Democratic Party unite under the front runner Bernie Sanders?

Has Bill Barr Changed in 30 Years? (w/ Mark Karlin)

Thirty years ago, an op-ed called Bill Barr a bully. There was concern that that Barr was not the right person to part of any government, let alone Attorney General. In 2020, has anything changed?

Could Trump Steal 2020 Election?

What can we do if Donald Trump steals the 2020 election?

Bernie Wins Nevada but News Acts Like the World Is Ending

Bernie Sanders won big in Nevada but the news is acting like the world is ending? Why?

Afghan Papers Prove Bush Lied!

These papers prove that George Bush lied!

Trump Inspires A New Generation Of Bullies

Donald Trump is a classic bully and he is now inspiring a whole generation of new little Trumps around the country.

Deutsche Banks Dark Connection To Donald Trump

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Why Only One Bank Will Loan Money to Trump! (w/ David Enrich)

Why does Russia support Donald Trump? How deep in debt is Trump and his business organizations to foreign banks and lenders in countries run by dictatorships? Deutsche Bank is one of the only banks who loan money to Trump, when others have refused.

Does Saving The Planet Means Banning Humans From Large Parts Of It?

Do we need to shut out human and human activity from large parts of the planet to protect biodiversity? Thom Hartmann explains!

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The Truth about Corona Virus Testing

Today on The Science Revolution - What's the truth on corona virus testing? And- why has Trump refused to accept the affordable World Health Organization test that the entire rest of the world is using?.. Melinda St. Louis is here on how health insurers' conduct is "outrageous" given the coronavirus pandemic.. Robert Weissman on how Public Citizen and 70 other organizations are calling on Trump to prevent big-pharma from profiteering on the pandemic... And Kevin Kamps from Beyond Nuclear is also here about the ongoing Fukushima disaster... In Geeky Science - find out what happens if you walk just 30 minutes a day. Check it out...

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We're All in Mourning For Our Way of Life. How Are You Working Around it?

Thom plus logo While we're all experiencing shock and anger at how Trump has created a crisis in America by lying and procrastinating and grandstanding, there's a larger emotion that's reaching deep into the lives of many of us: Grief.
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