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  • April 20th 2009   10 years 8 weeks ago

    It seems to me that by not prosecuting government & corporate persons for torture, illegle spying , ect, it clearly states the fact that we do indeed have class system.

  • April 20th 2009   10 years 8 weeks ago

    One detail that horrified me a few years ago from the Mike Malloy show was that he read a detailed description of torture such that our female troops having their periods wiped themselves on the faces of those being tortured. I am really really sorry to say this, but I do remember Malloy reading this and other torture reports on the air and I think the media is white washing this entire torture thing. The journalists of today appear to be omitting history altogether.

  • April 20th 2009   10 years 8 weeks ago

    Please consider interviewing Scott Dics of KRXA 540 on the subject of torture and these memos He is- a good friend of PBC- he is a major in the army obtaining his PhD in Monterey, CA and has a radio show there.

    Also- I have not the time to search for these 'memos' and I have yet to hear anyone mention who wrote them for whom. Could someone post these- sorry- I am literally too busy to google myself!

  • April 13th 2009   10 years 8 weeks ago

    Texas Governor Rick Perry whooped it up at a 'Don't Mess With Texas' tea party rally on Wednesday outside Austin's city hall. During the event, people waved "Don't Tread on Me" flags, and some shouted, "Secede!"

    Love those patriots. The minute things aren't done in Washington to their liking, they're ready to secede from the union.

    After the party was over, Perry suggested to reporters that his constituents might some day get so fed up they would want to secede from the union. "We've got a great union," Perry said, "There's absolutely no reason to dissolve it. But if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, you know, who knows what might come out of that." He added that when Texas entered the union in 1845 it was with the understanding it could pull out (a questionable claim).

    I have a thought: let 'em go! Maybe even help them leave. Offer amnesty to anyone wishing to leave the new Texas entity (except, of course, suspected war criminals) for a period of a year. Once Texas is no longer a part of the United States and suspected war ciminals lack the protection of the U.S. government, any country in the world is free to go after them.

    Let the Texans keep every tax dollar they've been sending to Washington; naturally, they'll lose every dollar they receive in return, but they'll be ahead by six cents on the dollar (see Tax Foundation Report). Let 'em have it.

    Allow Americans to send money to family in Texas, but only if the fledgeling government doesn't take a cut. Allow U.S. medicines to be sold to them at full retail prices, just like Medicare pays now. The drug companies oughta love it.

    Pull out any movable military assets, and let the new entity keep the buildings and grounds. Destroy any un-movable assets (i.e. missle silos) that might endanger U.S. national security. Members of the U.S. armed services and other Federal agents and emplopyees can sign up with the new entity's government or be offered similar positions within the United States if they choose to leave.

    Build a security fence between Texas and the U.S. Require Texans to have passports for entry into the U.S. Require them to have papers to work inside the U.S. Offer them the same benefits extended to guest workers from Mexico to the U.S. After all, they'll most likely be annexed to Mexico eventually anyway, don't you think?

    With only 98 total members of the U.S. Senate, Republican procedural maneuvering should no longer be a problem. Then perhaps President Obama can accomplish what we Americans sent him to the White House to do.

    Hey, Rick: don't let the security gate hit your fanny on the way out.

  • The Real Boston Tea Party was Against the Wal-Mart of the 1770s   10 years 8 weeks ago

    @Andrew: You're trying to turn an anti-monopoly concern into an anti-government one. Of course the British government was involved. All monopolies are either created, enabled, and/or enforced by government. Whether in 18th century Britain, Mussolini's Italy, or modern America, corporations use the government to further their ends, even if they are not in the best interests of the population.

    We allow people to drive cars, but we have speed limits and stop signs to reduce harm. We allow guns, but we frown on using them to make bank withdrawals. Similarly, we'd like some changes in law to enable the obvious benefits of corporations while reducing their harm.

    @dmbeaster: "little difference between big business and government in that time period" -- or during the last administration. I'm glad you agree that government was the problem in our economic disaster. I think you could say that we had our tea party last November 4th, when we threw Republicans, not tea, into the harbor.

    Compare the pictures of the tiny tea party crowds with Obama's enormous campaign rallies, the Grant Park victory rally, and of course, the 1.8 million in Washington for the Inauguration.


  • April 17th 2009   10 years 8 weeks ago

    Ops its
    M A y e r

  • April 17th 2009   10 years 8 weeks ago

    Amy: Re: Meyer

    I was also listening to thom's "third hour live" (chicago)
    and wrote down the authors name : Milton Meyer

    Then I found this:

    Milton Meyer

  • April 17th 2009   10 years 8 weeks ago


    If you get a response to your question, let me know. I am also looking for the (Meyer?) text as it seemed very prevalent to what had been happening over the last 8 years.

  • The Real Boston Tea Party was Against the Wal-Mart of the 1770s   10 years 8 weeks ago

    A somewhat rough analogy. There was little difference between big business and government in that time period -- the crown deliberately sanctioned monopolies in order to enhance its own cut from the deal. The government was basically a partner in the East Indies Company and adopted laws and tax policy to promote its partnership with private investors. Tax policy and crown monopolies ended up being aspects of the same thing.

    So a revolt against the East Indies Company and associated tax policies on tea was clearly an act primarily against the crown as opposed to primarily an attack on a large corporation. The WalMart analogy falls apart if the attempt is made to distinguish the Boston Tea Party as not an attack on government and only on a large corporation.

  • The Real Boston Tea Party was Against the Wal-Mart of the 1770s   10 years 8 weeks ago

    Mercantilism returns

    What we call "mercantilism" wasn't really a coherent, thought-out general theory of economics, but rather the work of many thinkers who were individually basically trying to justify one particular commercial arrangement. Economics as an actual social science, an academic discipline that seeks objective understanding, as opposed to simply justifying the path to wealth of one particular patron, began with the work of Adam Smith and others of his era, as a reaction to these mercantilist apologists.

    But wealthy patrons, and the attraction of justifying their ways to man, did not disappear from the face of the earth just because Smith et al completely discredited the mercantilists two centuries ago. They're back! Sure, the signature theme of the Chicago School, free trade, would seem to put them on the side of Adam Smith contra the mercantilists. But somehow, in the actual practice of applying their theories to particualr situations, and the tribe of Friedman has been very aggressive at applying themselves, fr a fee, wherever there are wealthy interests that are in danger of not having absolute economic and political control of events, every other political and economic arrangement ends up being highly non-free except the ability of their patron to exploit everyone else on the map. I'm sure these people would have been very much at home working for the East India Company.

    The Chicago School of Economics is mercantilism on steroids, mercantilism militant. As usual, the label on the bottle is highly misleading.

  • April 17th 2009   10 years 8 weeks ago

    What was the name of the book that Thom quoted during the 4pm Central time hour? He read extensively from it--an excerpt where the author (Meyer?) interviewed 10 working class Germans, asking them how they could have sided with the Nazis? It was really powerful writing. Any help is appreciated.


  • April 17th 2009   10 years 8 weeks ago

    I think it was on Friday's show that you read an excerpt from 'Mein Kampf', substituting the word 'Jew' with 'Democrat' and 'Germany' with 'the United States'. I searched online (probably on some watch list now) but could not find (or really remember) the excerpt. I was wondering if you could post it.



  • April 17th 2009   10 years 8 weeks ago

    Here is more info on Bob Ney's Radio show and how the first week went, I wish they would do a podcast .
    the news story is at
    along with links at the bottom to past Ney stories going back a few years
    The radio station's website is

  • The Real Boston Tea Party was Against the Wal-Mart of the 1770s   10 years 9 weeks ago

    Yes Thom i would like to hear more about this Fed thing. I do not understand why we are supposedly paying interest on money that is just being created on Printing machines. The Fed is getting interest on this money as if they earned it through goods or services. Printing is not all that expensive so we must just be honoring this newly pressed money as real money. How can this be??? How can this work???

    I thought that was what the Tea Parties were going to be about. I was surprised after the fact when it was really about other things. HuffingtonPost had a picture saying that a sign saying the Fed caused this Depression was one of the most inflammatory or whatever they called that article. When I wrote and said simply that I thought they did have something to do with it, they wouldn't even post it. Well I don't think the Fed caused the current Recession/Depression by themselves, but it seems kinda weird we are paying huge taxes to them just for a print job.

  • April 17th 2009   10 years 9 weeks ago

    Yesterday (Thursday), Thom cut off a caller's 9/11 comment.

    I believe the caller was making the point that the only justification (propagandistic excuse?) for Obama's continuing/building a troop presence in AFGHANISTAN is the 9/11 attacks and Al Qaida. This only works if a valid investigation of the events of 9/11 is ignored!

    Thom's response was to the effect that, since there's been no further clarification of the events of 9/11 that differ with the conventional Bush Administration explanation, we are stuck with it.

    Huh? That's a cave-in, Thom.

    That's like saying any number of delusional explanations are justification for realworld actions. Truly.

    The U.S. when it fomented the Russian presence in Afghanistan (thanks to Bzrezinski) is already responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Afghans. Are we now going to do more damage, destabliization and deathdealing there for the 9/11 Lie?

    Look at this recent study finding the presence of nanotechnologized thermite (I think I'm reading this correctly, but check it out) in the dust samples from the 9/11 WTC collapse.

    Escalating U.S. presence in Afghanistan based on a HOAX is criminal. We must NOT accept being stuck with a HOAX. We must not.

  • April 17th 2009   10 years 9 weeks ago

    Hi Susan-

    I have a friend who consults for corporations and he cites a new form of organization as 'Chaos management.'- Seriously. This could be the best way to fight these SOBS. Then, we might also employ the Sparticus clause- where we are all just angry Americans and this is better than an organized movement, where all they have to do is to take out the top guy.

  • April 17th 2009   10 years 9 weeks ago

    It took years of 'taking to the streets" to bring an end to the Vietnam War and force LBJ out of office. I don't think all the blogging, emails, phone calls, letter writing, etc. is going to make Obama "do it" until We the People take to the streets now. If we who object to Obama's complicity in what has been done in our name, don't March on Washington and into the offices of our representatives., they will continue to make excuses while they bring down this "Great Experiment" of America.

    The Bush Administration and all of those who allowed him to get away with what they did are nothing short of traitors to this country and should be dealt with as such. We knew they were criminals, but Obama is supposed to be the "guy in the white hat". How can he face his own children and explain why he allowed those who committed the most horrendous crimes against humanity, go free and unpunished for their crimes. Is this how you raise children to be moral people and respectful citizens?

    I was terrified of the Bush Administration, because I believed at the time, they might not give up their offices. My faith in the American People was restored when we elected Obama. Now I find myself even more terrified than I was before. If the man who was going bring us back to our true moral standing, is going to support the criminals, what chance do we have?

    When are we going to take to the streets again? I'm 70 years old and participated in the marches and protests of the 60's & 70's and I can tell you I'd be ready to go out again, if someone with more strength and energy than I have today would organize it.

    Petaluma, CA

  • April 17th 2009   10 years 9 weeks ago

    Woah! Where can we get a copy of that Mein Karmpf rant on Jews into which you substituted the word liberal? A book you wrote? An article? One for which you will write?

  • April 17th 2009   10 years 9 weeks ago

    RE Waterboarding - Perhaps, an appropriate civil manifestation/demonstration would be for folks to gather with a short 1-2' stretch of hose and a five gallon bucket, using the bucket as a drum and the hose as a drumstick.

    Voiceless. Beating once for every life lost or for every time we engaged in the behavior.

    It would be loud. It would be orderly. It would be on point with the message.

  • April 17th 2009   10 years 9 weeks ago
  • April 17th 2009   10 years 9 weeks ago

    thomhartmann.....[b]REALNEWS has a video about the Georgian Ossetian conflict.....they do an interview where it's shown that this entire invasion was done to help John McCain in his presidential bid[/b]......

  • April 17th 2009   10 years 9 weeks ago

    One more thing, the precedent being set here is not only the employee can always just scream "my boss told me to kill that girl" but the employer- can always say - my employee is just saying that and I, like Charles Manson, never did anything.

    Would Charles Manson go to jail under the logic Barack Obama just used in letting these bastards off?

  • April 17th 2009   10 years 9 weeks ago

    Make Me- said FDR Great call because I can remember working on the campaign and saying to myself that if my faith in Obama ever waivered it was because he was in trouble. The ambience of the campaign was that he was going to do the best he could, but would not be able to guarantee anything especially without our help. And that we go to work November 5th.. So thx for the comment line number!.

    I just made my calls to my congress person and had to do a lot of education with the rep. My call to action was at least one year in jail for these bastards. Hopefully, Obama struck a deal with these monsters to get some goods on Bush.

    The Peppermint Patty gal in the photo with the leash on the Iraqi was given how many years in prison. even a favorite local radio person here locally out of SF took a stance on saying torture was okay and was completely illiterate about how the results of this torture gave us the wrong information to go to an illegal war. And note- why is it the miliary that are against torture having done their own studies versus the masses of misinformed America.

    Al Gore documents this false information based on torture in his book, Assault on Reason.

    Again, hopefully Obama struck a deal with the little fish to give us the goods on the big fish.

    Touching was the caller to Bernie - how do I tell my son to become a decent human being when our leaders are so unethical and go without consequences?

  • April 17th 2009   10 years 9 weeks ago

    What about our founders views on torture....(from CommonDreams)

    "In 1776," wrote historian David Hackett Fischer in "Washington's Crossing," "American leaders believed it was not enough to win the war. They also had to win in a way that was consistent with the values of their society and the principles of their cause. One of their greatest achievements … was to manage the war in a manner that was true to the expanding humanitarian ideals of the American Revolution."

    How can ANYONE who reveres the American founders support torture???

    Wakeup, America! I'm beggin you!

  • April 17th 2009   10 years 9 weeks ago

    Senator Al Franken. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? It's only a matter of time! Let's all throw our shoulders against this boulder, and get it rolling down the hill!

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