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  • June 9th 2009 - Tuesday   10 years 22 weeks ago


  • June 9th 2009 - Tuesday   10 years 22 weeks ago


    I think you were a little over the top with your celebration of the victory of pro-western March 14 Alliance in Lebanon. I know you probably had very little information about it, but still, I think it fits into two patterns you continue to repeat.

    1) You assume that countries, governments, parties and groups that favor the United States are the good guys, because we’re supposed to be the good guys.

    2) You want so much for Barack Obama to be the magical fixit man who is going to make everything better for this country and for this world. And you seem to think that if everyone just loves us, everything will be alright, because we’re good.

    The problem with that is, and the record is clear, the elites who run the United States are interested in getting all the wealth and power they can and they have little concern for the harm their actions will cause.

    Your enthusiasm for the electoral victory in Lebanon and your belief that Obama’s speech in Cairo, days before the election, has to be based on incomplete information. There are so many factors involved in the election and I know I don’t have enough information or ability to account for everything.

    But I know that you said that the “pro-western” vote wouldn’t have been possible with Bush as president. I don’t recall if you said 1 year ago or 4 years ago. But since the last parliamentary election was four years ago, let’s compare results.

    The March 14 Alliance won 71 of 128 seats in this election. They won 72 seats in the 2005 election. So in pure numbers, you could say that the “Obama Bump” produced 1 less seat. Of course, you can say a lot happened between 2005 and 2009. The biggest thing being the 2006 Israeli assault and invasion of Lebanon in which the United States did little to restrain Israel. The result was massive deaths and tremendous destruction of the Lebanese infrastructure. So, it’s possible that Obama talking about a more even handed Middle East policy may have swung some voters.

    But a June 8 article in the Jerusalem Post notes the observations of Paul Salem, Beirut-based director of the Carnegie Middle East Center as seeing it differently.

    “Salem said Obama's outreach may have helped the winning side in the sense that it is no longer seen as a liability in many corners of the Middle East to be aligned with the US.

    But Obama's outreach did not appear to have resonated with the electorate as much as a last-minute appeal from head of the influential Maronite Catholic Church. Cardinal Nasrallah Sfeir warned voters on the eve of the election of what he called an attempt to change Lebanon's character and its Arab identity, a clear reference to Hizbullah and its Persian backer, Iran.”

    Opinions on Obama’s impact may differ, but there is more than one opinion. Maybe we should factor in an implicit warning from Israel that a Hezbollah victory would destabilize the region. That could be frightening coming from a country that reduced much of your country to rubble only 2 years ago and did the same to Gaza less than 6 months ago.

    And don’t forget, as you said, the United States gave financial backing to the pro-western March 14 Alliance. I guess it’s OK for our government to spend your tax dollars to meddle in another country’s elections. You might want to reconsider that view when you look at how the U.S. economy is slipping while those of other countries have grown. Who knows who might decide to pour money into our elections?

    And what do you know about the March 14 Alliance? The leader of the alliance is Saad Hariri, an MP in the Lebanese Parliament. The name Hariri may be familiar to you since Saad Hariri’s father was Rafiq Hariri, the assassinated former Lebanese Prime Minister. So there may be a bit of a family political dynasty here.

    Here are a few Hariri family facts:

    Rafiq Hariri was a very successful businessman. In fact, he was so successful that the inheritances each of his children received after his assassination in 2005 put qualified all 4 of his children the Forbes list of the 400 richest people in the world.

    Forbes listed Saad Hariri as the 156th richest person in the world with a net worth of around $4.1 billion in 2006. By 2008, he had slipped to the 334th richest with a net worth of around $3.3 billion. Maybe the will had a clause that he had to get rid of around $1 billion in order to keep the rest. That would be a great idea for a movie.

    Both the 2006 and 2008 Forbes listings show Saad Hariri’s country of citizenship and residence as Saudi Arabia, and the family construction business is named Saudi Oger with annual revenues of $9 billion. I’m guessing that Hariri has duel citizenship, but the brief bio in the Forbes list said that Saad Hariri ““Takes cover in Riyadh when security gets shaky in Beirut.” It lists him having residences in Riyahd, Saudi Arabia, the Middle East & Africa. (I thought Saudi Arabia and Lebanon were both in the Middle East.

    Something you didn’t address is the question of who makes up this pro-western alliance. Of course, Hariri’s moderate Future Movement is the largest party, with the most seats in the parliament. There are many other parties. You might be familiar with the Progressive Socialist Party headed by Walid Jumblat, the fiercely anti-Israel Druze leader. Don’t worry, he’s also fiercely anti-Syria and anti-Iran. And the alliance also includes the Phalangists, who I’m sure you’re familiar with. As you recall, the Phalangists carried out the massacre of hundreds of Palestinians in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Beirut when the Israeli Defense Forces let them into the camps after occupying the city.

    So, the pro-western March 14 Alliance includes some folks you might not want to go to a wine tasting party with. But hey, they’re kind of pro-western, for now.

    By the way, you didn’t mention that among the countries supporting the March 14 Alliance are those beacons of democracy, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

    So what were you celebrating yesterday? It seems to me that if you like a country to be led by super wealthy plutocratic carpet-bagging oligarchs allied with murderous cutthroats and backed by some very undemocratic countries and a country described by Martin Luther King, Jr. as “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today”, I guess you can party hearty Thom Hartmann.

    As for Obama’s popularity in the area, let’s see how it holds up when the people see the following:

    Obama plans on keeping a residual force of tens of thousands in Iraq and is ramping up the war in Afghanistan, and still has around 250,000 private contractors in the two countries.

    Obama is increasing the use of high flying drones for attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan causing increasing civilian deaths.

    Obama is planning on spending over $750 million to build a huge embassy (around the size of 80 football fields) in Pakistan,

    Of course, many people noticed that in his Cairo speech, Obama told the Palestinians that they should abandon violence, but didn’t tell the Israelis to do the same. He told the Israelis that “new” settlements on the West Bank (aka the future Palestinian state) aren’t acceptable, but said nothing about the existing settlements which take up a large portion and some of the best land there.

    But lets deal with the important questsion: Thomas Jefferson, boxers or briefs?

  • June 9th 2009 - Tuesday   10 years 22 weeks ago

    Hi Thom,

    I used to watch "morning joe" every morning, because I thought that Joe was pretty humorous and reasonable, for a right winger. But his staunch defense of torture and insistence that it produced good results just disgusted me, and I can't watch it any more.

    Could you please ask him why he thinks torture was necessary? If he recants, I can watch his show again!

  • June 8th 2009 - Monday   10 years 22 weeks ago

    DRichards progressive candidates in Dem VA gov primary.

    Creigh Deeds lost so closely to Bob McDonnell for Atty General in 2005 that it took a week or 2 to finish counting. He has bought ads on website of Thom's old syndicator Air America. He may be trying to at least give the impression he is most progressive. Bob McDonnell unopposed in Repub primary. He quit as Atty general to run-some commitment to VA people to serve in capacity elected to he's just another ambitious professional politician. Terry McAuliffe is former DNC chairman after 1998 elections who could raise a lot of money and was close to B and H Clinton. Brian Moran is a state senator or delegate and is a relative of Cong Jim Moran. Am Jewish and I forgive Jim for stating Jews (like Perle, Wolfowitz, Feith, Libby, Krauthammer, Kristol, and their ilk) were pushing for Iraq war and could have stopped it before it started. It was, what conservatives like N Boortz and G Beck like to call painful truth or only saying what everyone is thinking. Progressives need to appropriate same rhetoric when they say something unpopular but correct. The condemnations and heated disputes only prove to me how true it was.

  • THOM ON FIXED NEWS   10 years 22 weeks ago

    Well said Thom, especially on the comment about Limbaugh being like P.T. Barnum. Quite simply, one can sum things up in five words... FOX News ... for braindead people!

  • June 9th 2009 - Tuesday   10 years 22 weeks ago

    In regard to Thom’s conversation with Scott Wheeler—and in anticipation of his conversation with a former KKK member later this week—I thoroughly disagree with his contention that Clinton’s “marginalizing” of Timothy McVeigh as a lone nut was for the “good” of the country. Tell that to anyone who is a target of hate groups. Other than efforts by organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center, hate groups collect their weapons and prepare for a "race war" virtually unmolested by government and law enforcement officials.

    Heavily redacted files forced from the FBI via a FOIA request reveal that only days before the OKC bombing Timothy McVeigh sought assistance from a neo-Nazi named Andreas Strassmeir at a white supremacist/paramilitary compound called Elohim City. At least one of its members were in Oklahoma City the day of the bombing. Yet, thanks to the Clinton administration, all of this was suppressed; this isn’t “conspiracy theory” stuff, it is simple fact. Those who aided McVeigh continue to roam free, and we shouldn’t question their desire to cause mayhem, if given the right atmosphere like the current anti-Latino immigrant sentiment; how many of you recall Michael Moore’s interview with the brother of Terry Nichols in his film “Bowling for Columbine”? In a conversation off-camera, Moore is clearly panicked when this psycho showed him the gun he keeps under his pillow.

    A month ago a caller on Ron Reagan’s show suggested that blond, blue-eyed white people had to take off their shoes at airports in order to avert accusations of racism, and Ron joked that this was probably true. My response to him was that it was blond, blue-eyed white people like Timothy McVeigh who were members of groups that constituted the most dangerous home-grown terrorists in this country, and they were being allowed to roam unmolested.

  • June 9th 2009 - Tuesday   10 years 22 weeks ago

    It must be admitted, even by Thom, that there is a dissonance between change and what people are willing to accept to get it. This couldn’t be clearer than in the public desire to close Gitmo, and yet its unwillingness to allow the detainees into this country, even in prison, may keep it open indefinitely. Healthcare and immigration reform are also subjected to this dissonance between what the majority wants and allowing the thing to actually get done. As popular and charismatic as Barack Obama is, we can look to the past and see that being a popular and charismatic president isn’t often enough.

    Thom likes to point to Teddy Roosevelt as an example of a president getting things done. But history likes to poke holes in perceived history. In the Lytle/Davidson book “After the Fact: The Art of Historical Detection,” real history shows us that Roosevelt was confronted by many of the same difficulties facing Obama today, and he didn’t usually get everything he wanted. Case in point was the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906, which was passed and signed into law by Roosevelt after the uproar following the expose of the meat packing industry in the wake of Upton Sinclair’s novel “The Jungle.”

    Passing legislation to insure that the public wasn’t exposed to food that was diseased and rotten seemed like a no-brainer to Roosevelt and his supporters in Congress, and a bill passed easily in the House. The Senate was another matter, where powerful senators in Roosevelt’s own party were in the pockets of the meat packing industry. Even public outrage following the release of a government report that was even more ghastly than Sinclair’s book (Roosevelt’s “big stick” in this case) did not sway these senators. In the end, a thoroughly gutted bill that did not even include dating and seemed ready to go down to defeat from lack of support from angry senators who wanted a tougher bill was signed by Roosevelt, because a watered-down bill was better than no bill at all.

  • June 8th 2009 - Monday   10 years 22 weeks ago

    Sorry about the spelling, maybe Thom is 10 times smarter than me. Renazantz

  • June 8th 2009 - Monday   10 years 22 weeks ago

    Hey Renaztz, Thom is intelligent but he's not ten times smarter than you or me. Thom actually has his talking points down and repeats them so often that I at times have thought he was in "The Best Of". Thom also has repeated the same errors for a year or more, ie The Fillibuster Rules. He was unaware that the rule was changed during the civil rights era. A quick look on Wikipedia could have solved his mistake. I love Thom too, but please no groveling.

  • June 8th 2009 - Monday   10 years 22 weeks ago


    Can you please explain this? If the rule is "don't ask, don't tell" and the person who is gay gets fired, what happens to the person who ASKS?

    the one soldier who said that he was tired of lying about "what are you doing this weekend" for those who would talk about family and "wife" issues for their own weekend, why is the person who ASKED not fired. I thought the rule is "don't ASK, don't TELL".

    seems kind of unfair to me that they find it is ok to discuss hetero lifestyle but not a gay lifestyle. what about those who are not married and go out having sex on the weekend with a girlfriend or boyfriend that the hetero is not married to, why are they not punished?

    this entire line of questioning should be banned. or ALLOWED, which fosters TRUTH and TRUST. which is what we want in the ARMED services.

    thanks for all you do. I wish I could be 1/10th as smart as you Thom.

  • June 8th 2009 - Monday   10 years 22 weeks ago


    Unfortunately, the worst thing about "Morning Joe" is, in my opinion, Joe Scaborough! He shouts over guests and others without letting them get their points across and he is so busy expressing HIS point of view that I want to shout, "Shut up!" Instead, I just turn the TV off!

    Good luck having any kind of balanced conversation with him tomorrow.

  • June 8th 2009 - Monday   10 years 22 weeks ago

    I know and love Christine Kraft and remember when she reported Michelle Obama 's salary increasing when Barack became a senator. Consider having Christine on your show! She is a decline to state and her reports are intellectually honest. She was a fierce Hillary supporter however, and we know Hillary takes the second greatest amount of money from the health insurers per Michael Moore's Sicko.

  • June 8th 2009 - Monday   10 years 22 weeks ago

    Hyperbole and sloganeering short-changes a truly unhelpful conversation. Rhetoric seeped in anger and reeking of lack of self confidence will do little to solve the Israel/Palestine issue. Folk throwing flames and calling names contribute nothing. If you really wish to contribute to the conversation, do so. If not, there are a plethora of forums you can continue inflicting your brand of impolite languaging upon.

    Both Israel and Palestine deserve dirt they can call their own. Obama is correct in his vocalization that these will have to be to separate pieces of dirt to have any chance of peace succeeding. The fact that these hunks of land are adjacent is a fact.

    One of the real issues not being discussed is the lack of leadership on the Palestinian side. There is a group of people with folk claiming to be their leaders and treating them as a marketing campaign against Israel. It does not help that the majority of the Arabic world have a dramatically similar view of the Palestinians and are using them as a tool to economically damage Israel.

    We must deal with the situation from the real.

  • June 8th 2009 - Monday   10 years 22 weeks ago

    Oops, meant to say:

    God bless this woman for being a vigorous advocate for single-payer health care, but I think she’s deluding herself if she thinks Max Baucus’ statement that they “probably shouldn’t have left single payer out of the discussio.” WAS A BREAKTHROUGH.

  • June 8th 2009 - Monday   10 years 22 weeks ago

    ABC, that story is heartbreaking. There's SO MUCH that is heartbreaking in this country whose multinational corporations (and, therefore, much of congress) are run or "owned" by sociopaths...

  • June 8th 2009 - Monday   10 years 22 weeks ago


    Exactly what are yee smoking or perhaps shall we say INJECTING today?

  • June 8th 2009 - Monday   10 years 22 weeks ago

    My previous statement was about Gerry Jenkins,

  • June 8th 2009 - Monday   10 years 22 weeks ago

    Health care would take away the need for worker's comp! or the cruddy treatment our vets have been giving - did you hear the story of the vet who came back to America. His family had about a two day drive just to visit him and died in a car accident while doing so- if that doesn't tug on your heart strings, you must be a right wing Rush Limbaugh listener.

  • June 8th 2009 - Monday   10 years 22 weeks ago

    God bless this woman for being a vigorous advocate for single-payer health care, but I think she's deluding herself if she thinks Max Baucus' statement that they "probably shouldn't have left single payer out of the discussion."

    I think Baucus' statement is just another tactic, while still avoiding the issue.

  • June 8th 2009 - Monday   10 years 22 weeks ago

    Thomas Paine died on French soil cuz once the French Revolution was finishing up, he wanted to bring freedom to the world and the French country-side royalty, while happy that Paris got its come-uppings, felt that democracy was a terrible thing to be left in the hands of the people AND LOCKED HIS BUTT UP UNTIL HE DIED.

  • June 8th 2009 - Monday   10 years 22 weeks ago

    Twice in the first two hours you talked about the need for tax reform on the top income brackets...
    People’s Lobby’s Fair Tax Bracket Reinstitution Act (FTBRA) starts fixing the tax code and escrows the funds to American World Service Corps voluntary service congressional proposals… but it needs public support, which you can garner for PLI’s congressional proposals by mentioning them specifically. Please mention and, so the public will start understanding that they can begin pushing the specific laws that are needed turn this from a nation moving toward the "landed rich" to a healthy community of doers…

    Key AWSC proposal is at

  • June 8th 2009 - Monday   10 years 22 weeks ago

    There was a genocidal maniac that was pro-Israel that is talked about in the Old Testament. This of course is the invisible entity in the sky known as god. As the Israelites sought the land of promise, they murdered and took the spoils of their wars from those who had different gods or other beliefs. This was done with the blessing of their god. The genocide against the palestinians is an ongoing example of their belief that they are special and that their lives have more value than their Arab brothers who in fact believe in the same god. This is nothing more than delusional at best. To tolerate this behavior is uncivilized. It's time to reign Israel in. I hope Obama has some success in the peace process.

  • June 8th 2009 - Monday   10 years 22 weeks ago


    your contempt for your listeners and your own grandiose belief in your superiority is growing to a level of an unhinged dictator. in one breath extolling the intelligence of your listeners all the while reaching for the cutoff button. i can't believe that when a caller calls in paralleling what's going on in the USA and what went on in NAZI Germany he gets dismissed out of hat. YOU YOURSELF HAVE WRITTEN A PAPER TITLED EXACTLY THAT!!! (or have you forgotten about WHEN DEMOCRACY FAILED: THE WARNINGS OF HISTORY?) you have a SEVERE l.i.s.t.e.n.i.n.g problem.

    it seems that the almighty Thom Hartmann is the only one "allowed" to highlight such parallels. pathetic hypocrisy at its best.

    and while we're on the subject of hypocrisy......NO KKKristian should EVER make fun of another's religion. so steeped in stupidity, fairytales and LIES is the bloodthirsty KKKristian death cult, that ANY indoctrinated participant and perpetuator of the zionist agenda and the Palestinian extermination would surely rot in your hell.

    your moral foundation is sooooooo fundamentally flawed and any "activism" that you may do as result is nothing more than building a house on the sand.

  • June 8th 2009 - Monday   10 years 22 weeks ago


    Thom serves on the board of Progressive Democrats for America

    I happen to love Charles Chamberlin also at

    Go there are start networking. If you call their offices, they should be able to hook you up-

    Go get em!

  • June 8th 2009 - Monday   10 years 22 weeks ago


    You left out an important fact in your reporting of the Supreme Court's decision to not hear the appeal on a "don't ask, don't tell" case. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the position of the administration of His Holiness President Barack Obama.

    Here's a link to an Associated Press article followed by the first paragraph of the article.

    By LARA JAKES, Associated Press Writer

    WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court on Monday agreed with the Obama administration and refused to review Pentagon policy barring gays and lesbians from serving openly in the military.

    I guess all I can say is "Praise the frog."

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