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Recent comments

  • March 17th 2009 On the Program   10 years 5 weeks ago

    As a 50 year old who has smoked weed for 35 years, I have never been unemployed and have only worked less than 40 hours in a week two times in my life, excluding paid vacation (in order to undergo surgery). I make a good living and have worked at the same company for 18 years now. Hopefully all those non-weed smoking people running this country can fix things before us potheads get laid off.
    I was infuriated by your caller that insinuated that pot heads are lazy unproductive leaches on society. We are not. Perhaps he has a lot of relatives that smoke pot and are lazy and is confusing heredity with the act of smoking weed itself.
    Lazy people can smoke pot (and many do), but smoking pot does not dictate that you are lazy.

  • March 17th 2009 On the Program   10 years 5 weeks ago

    In re the drug issue: Please don't discount the business/economic aspects of legalizing drugs ... all of the jobs dependent on the criminalization of drugs ... police, prisons, private prisons, all companies who manufacture and supply all of the hardware and other things these institutions use daily, all of the government money awarded to various locales and companies to pursue drug criminalization and offenders. The police and prisons are nothing more than employment agencies, affording jobs to communities who have no other industry. We hear that AIG and other companies are too big to fail. I wonder the same about the agencies, institutions and companies involved with capture and confinement of drug offenders.

    I personally know whereof I speak. I served 18 years in a state prison for smuggling marijuana, and witnessed all of this daily.

  • March 17th 2009 On the Program   10 years 5 weeks ago


    Evo Morales is the president of Bolivia.

  • March 17th 2009 On the Program   10 years 5 weeks ago

    One of my St. Patty favorites: May your coffin be made of the finest wood from a 100 year old tree that I'll go plant tomorrow! Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!

  • Wanted by Tent City Homeless: AIG Senior Employees   10 years 5 weeks ago

    I have a thought about the use of "retention awards". For AIG (or any company) to rationalize spending millions of our tax dollars to retain the employees who are in large part responsible for creating this mess, by asserting that they're the most qualified people to solve problems they created, is absolutely ludicrous. By that rationale, the U.S. government should contract Al Qaeda to run our anti-terrorism efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq. This is an absolute scam and I say the U.S. government should seize those bonuses and fire those employees, or even better charge them with fraud, seize their assets and let them stand trial before a jury of 12 Americans who will decide their fates!

  • March 17th 2009 On the Program   10 years 5 weeks ago

    hi chris from st. paul/ hope Franken gets seated soon,

    really enjoy listening to Thom Hartmann's cool collective approach to explaining the progressive/ liberal viewpoint.

    1. as for progressive tax, it is actually a way to evenly distribute tax burden on the populace, local taxes, state taxes, (usually in the form of purchases) and icluding FICA, OASI taxes take a larger percentage of the income of the lower paid people. the "fair" tax is placing heavier burden of tax on the lower paid working class.
    2. as for a successful socialized/nationized program .. no need to look further than our own country, our police/law enforcement is afforded to everyone (no matter how much tax you pay into it) and we have relatively safe environment in our county, complacent population ... its a highly successful socialized program
    3. (these same discussions are frequent here in red state texas) and i dont understand the defense of weathly people by the working class around here?

  • March 17th 2009 On the Program   10 years 5 weeks ago

    I'm not sure if this is the best place to air my comment, but I'm not sure where else to do it...

    I think we should start a "GREED Campaign," where we post the names of each of the AIG executives who receive this "incentive" money, how much they made prior to getting any bonuses, how much incentive money they received, names of all family members, home towns, etc. We could do a daily posting that would feature one of the greedy execs, including photos of that person and their family, etc.

    It seems like they have no shame about taking these huge sums at a time when they certainly have done nothing to earn anything more than getting fired. How can they live with themselves? How can they be held accountable? Perhaps by putting their faces and names of family members all over the Internet, and maybe even in a paper or two, they might be moved to rethink their greed. But then, maybe I'm dreamin'.

    Berkeley, CA

  • Wanted by Tent City Homeless: AIG Senior Employees   10 years 5 weeks ago

    Concerning the AIG fiasco: Congress is finally on the right track--a cute-sounding one time tax--"Gidget" (GIGT) , the Gains Ill Gotten Tax, 99% on not just the executive bonuses but on any money made off derivatives (commissions or profits); also there should be a 1% tax on all stock transactions--call it the Patriot Tax.

  • March 16, 2009 On the Show Today   10 years 5 weeks ago

    Woops- that sounded awfully grumpy didn't it- sorry- I was just being in the moment and that's the way that moment was!

  • March 16, 2009 On the Show Today   10 years 5 weeks ago

    What a hassle it has been to stream the show from this site lately after having been successful for the first couple of days. , I have been having to go to KPOJ and it always takes a number of times to get that to work as well. I emailed webaster the other day as well as left note at liquidcompass- what a hassle.

  • March 17th 2009 On the Program   10 years 5 weeks ago

    I am an avid listener of Thom Hartmann, and was happy to have been one of the very select Americans who can listen to him everyday on the radio dial. (Of course it's AM, not the clear digital FM signal that Sean Vanity, etc. have.

    Anyhow. Maybe some of the listeners, bloggers and Thom can help me with a few talking points I am constantly in a debate over with soemone.

    1. Why wouldn't a fair tax work better than the Progressive tax system? I have a hard time explaining points against why it would fail.

    2. Are there some solid examples of nationalized "Socialistic" Countries and why they are successful?

    Thanks and I'll lsiten from 2-5pm when Thom's on in Minnesota. Fight for Franken!!!!

  • Wanted by Tent City Homeless: AIG Senior Employees   10 years 5 weeks ago

    the use of the phrase "talented" is a bit specious. (meaning talent would have resulted in a set of reasoned, practical non greedy practices). If by talent you mean self aggrandizing people then great, i would recommend an official addition to the definition of talent so that future generations will benefit from our contemporary understanding of how we apply the term "talented". I'm more of a word smith, and perhaps if we were more forthcoming about our real and genuine abilities, if we didn't creat a situation where "the location of our dwelling, the sorts of clothes on our back defined character, we wouldn't have these anomolies in our economy. These hyper extension. While I'm soap boxing let me continue: Why is it a person can attend a public institution of learning where the faculty salaries are subsidized by the general public, the buildings are subsidized by the general public and the library materials are subsidized by the general public and then the graduating students find their "talents" are uniquely private to themselves, to be used for themselves and their material acquisition.

  • March 16, 2009 On the Show Today   10 years 5 weeks ago

    Today in the 2nd hour, Thom makes the point that in 1980 - I may have that figure wrong - the top 1% of wealthy Americans owned 22% of this country. And today of course they now own more, and Thom gave a larger percentage above 22.

    We can say the same thing another way, with greater impact. Suppose we tick of the amount owned by the wealthiest person today. Then add the next wealthiest, and so on, until collectively they own 22%. We don't need the top 1 percent to reach 22 % of America. Today it is shockingly less.

  • March 16, 2009 On the Show Today   10 years 5 weeks ago

    Richard -- As to natural cycles. I read an interesting article (in Astounding Science Fiction and Fact, in one of the Fact articles. I think it was June '07. Unfortunately, it's not on the Web.) about natural weather cycles. There are three big ones -- one is 144,000 years, one 22,000, and the other was somewhere in between. All three of them are currently heading us into ice ages. This means we are warming the Earth even more than we thought. (Maybe it also means we don't have to get rid of all the extra greenhouse gases, because we don't want to be in an ice age. Maybe we could just adjust it until the climate is where we want it to be?)

  • OPEDNEWS.COM Thom Hartmann Leaves Air America   10 years 5 weeks ago

    Shooting from the hip at the library. I am sorry for all the typos, but I do not have a computer at home anymore. In fact soom wachovia will see to it I don't have a home anymore. Soon to be homeless like everyone else.


  • OPEDNEWS.COM Thom Hartmann Leaves Air America   10 years 5 weeks ago

    Just finished reading nial ferguson's book "ascent of money"
    He is right wing enough with a dyed in one wool republican like carly fiorina
    to play Coombes of the left to Thom;s left wing version of hannity.

    It is as simple as the grains of wheat and the chessboards story.
    we can't let millionaires double their money indefinitiely of they become
    billionaires, then trillionaires. no family can get 10 percent co0mpounded
    forever for free.

  • Wanted by Tent City Homeless: AIG Senior Employees   10 years 5 weeks ago

    My member of Congress is now a GOPer, and he is also the worst kind of GOPer, a freshman GOPer, who can't think for himself as yet........He is worthless to write to about anything.

  • Wanted by Tent City Homeless: AIG Senior Employees   10 years 5 weeks ago

    AIG shouldn't get anymore benefit from this bailout

  • Wanted by Tent City Homeless: AIG Senior Employees   10 years 5 weeks ago

    mstaggerlee, I agree with you. I find it very hard to swallow that being so big, exempts anyone from failure!

  • Wanted by Tent City Homeless: AIG Senior Employees   10 years 5 weeks ago

    If taxpayer money was given to "bail-out" AIG, by the Congress, then Congress should and can demand it back!

  • March 16, 2009 On the Show Today   10 years 5 weeks ago


    During the 50s and 60s elderly poverty rates went from 6 out of 10 to 1 out of 10.

  • March 16, 2009 On the Show Today   10 years 5 weeks ago

    Why the Milton Friedman brand of economics which conservatives embrace is absurd.
    Here's what is so ironic about it.
    Milton Friedman lived and penned his economic theory during the 50s and 60s, the very decades that prove he was wrong. He was concerned about the three recessions of the late 40s and 50s. In all cases, the economy rebounded and went on to be the best growth perhaps ever for America. The middle grew like never before. The very decades he was living through, were decades of growing govt., growing welfare programs and growing taxes as a percent of GDP. Freedoms grew as well, civil rights etc. The best prosperity we've ever had was when govt and taxes grew. Six out of ten elderly people were in poverty at the beginning of this era and by the 60s only one in six was in poverty. The largest growth in home ownership was also in this period.

    The same is true for Europe, which grew economically while government programs grew and taxes as percent of GDP grew. And these are all strong democracies.

    In both cases worker productivity grew while govt grew, and real wages grew.

    How many times have you recently heard conservatives say that liberalism is a threat to freedom? It simply is not true, as proved repeatedly by history. The same is true for economic well being and growth under big governments.

    It seems that European nations have done a better job of spending public money responsibly and productively. The countries in Europe with big welfare states have similar and in some cases better economic mobility than Americans. They have similar or better worker productivity and similar or better real wages(buying power). Germany pays workers 127% of American worker pay, even after higher taxes and much bigger entitlement programs.
    In other words, they make more than us, while getting free health care, education etc, much longer vacation time, shorter work week, and even after paying higher taxes.

    The only country that perhaps went a little too far in welfare is Sweden, where productivity is still 88% of America's. And real pay is 98% of in America. France, Holland, Norway all have higher productivity than America. Norway, Holland and Germany all have higher real wages.

    I learned this from the new book "The Case For Big Government" by Jeff Madrick.

    Another interesting new book is "What is America?: A Brief History of the New World Order" ever wonder how the modern conservative mindset came about? You'll find out here.

    Want to really understand why global warming coudn't possibly be a natural cycle like skeptics often claim?

    I highly recommend the book "The Carbon Age" by Eric Roston
    Fascinating book. Here's one of the take home messages from the book.

    It took 60 million years for coal to develop in the earth, by precipitating out of the short term carbon cycle, and being locked away in coal deposits and into the long term carbon cycle. Now we are releasing this 60 million year accumulation of carbon back into the atmosphere and thus, back into the short term carbon cycle, in 150-200 years, or a geological nanosecond. This is an unprecedented occurance, probably in the history of the planet.
    I would like a skeptic to explain how this is part of a natural cycle, or is anything like any natural cycle that the earth has been through before. I mean ones that didn’t wipe out 90% of life on the planet.

  • March 16, 2009 On the Show Today   10 years 5 weeks ago

    I am having a problem with this website as well. I am very unhappy that I cannot hear you Thom, on the radio. I work during the week and so, I cannot access this website very often. In my area, Phoenix, AZ, we now have no liberal talk station. The one you were on , 1190AM, is now an all Spanish speaking program. What happened to all the other liberal talkers, Randi Rhodes, Dr. Mike, etc.? I can't get anyone anymore. We have no information as to where we can hear these people. Help!!!!! What happened to Novam radio?

  • March 16, 2009 On the Show Today   10 years 5 weeks ago

    I also agree that this website is hard to navigate. I don't think it's just you, Hud.

  • March 16, 2009 On the Show Today   10 years 5 weeks ago

    i agree that it is very hard to navigate this website. its got "stuff everywhere" except a simple menu to ord. from . am i just missing it or not alone on this one. p.s. thanks for all you do Thom, and your webmaster as well, its probably me who cant get into the 21 century

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