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  • April 29th 2009 Wednesday   13 years 40 weeks ago

    Regarding Obama's first 100 days and Arlen Spector's switch to the Democratic Party -

    "Ronald Reagan is dead. His policies may live on but we're in
    the process of doing something about that as well.

    (paraphrasing Rush Limbaugh)

  • April 29th 2009 Wednesday   13 years 40 weeks ago

    In Pres. Obama's official comments welcoming Arlen Specter this a.m., he said that (among other things) he was looking forward to working with Specter on rebuilding U.S. manufacturing.

    This was the first time I'd heard Obama say much of anything about promoting manufacturing in this country. I have been sending emails and calling the White House to urge the Prez. and the V.P. to more actively work on this area of our economy. I hope this is a portent of good things to come!

  • April 28th 2009 Tuesday   13 years 40 weeks ago

    You know.....very few people seem to actually listen to one another. Everyone seems to have their minds made up who's side their own and the other side is wrong. It doesn't seem to matter what's right for the majority of the people....what's right for the country? Everyone seems to be dropping sound bytes and verbal assaults on the other side. I'm 59 years old and I've never seen this in my life. It reminds me of what McCarthyism must have felt like. Give Obama a break...he is the elected president. Give him and those elected officials a bit of time to do their dang job. Stop with all the hate, slanderous accusations and take a deep breath. Maybe listen up a bit.

  • April 28th 2009 Tuesday   13 years 40 weeks ago

    Here here- much is due to our own invaluable Thom here. I remember his call to action including the giving out of a website? phone number?-ah- that memory is not as clear, but I clearly remember the actual call to action.

    What will Thom brew up next?

    On standby waiting for instructions.

    Let's get this done- Solartopia, here we come. Organic food and harmony with nature and respect for each other. the end of War! The end of poverty! The Golden Age of Peace is near.

  • April 28th 2009 Tuesday   13 years 40 weeks ago

    Here's a little story:

    A man was thirsty, so he asked for a drink of water. A second man obliged by shoving a firehose down his throat and turning it on full blast.

    "What's the problem? Water isn't harmful. Living things can't live without it!"

  • April 28th 2009 Tuesday   13 years 40 weeks ago

    Regarding Arlen Specter, the Democrats owe a debt of gratitude to Rush, Hannity, Beck and so forth for Specter switching sides. The Republican party will be soon small enough that they it can be drowned in a bathtub.
    Favorite Flag

  • April 28th 2009 Tuesday   13 years 40 weeks ago

    Oh - one more thing- having gotten onto the topic of RFK here, he said one thing that got a chuckle out of all of us which was, 'Don't change your light bulb - Change your politician.'

  • April 28th 2009 Tuesday   13 years 40 weeks ago

    Nixon! I finally saw Frost Nixon - it was great! What a masterpiece. But what even made it greater was that I had seen RFK in person right before having watched Frost Nixon. RFK was the guest speaker at our College Reunion and wowed us for what seemed a good hour and a half. He was super nice and down to Earth and held no bars back making some good hearted humor of the last administration. Interestingly enough as well, he said he was in fact a free capitalist who felt that we could have free capitalism at the same time as being environmentalists as long as we simply were to value our natural resources and factor them into the costs of products and services. Chuck Walters referred to this as Raw Materials Economics and wrote a book by the same name.

    Oh- well, the word Nixon triggered that recent experience with having seen Bobby K speak to us- it made watching the film so much more intense.

  • April 28th 2009 Tuesday   13 years 40 weeks ago

    I still can't believe tha folk don't recognize that there are folk worse than Holy Joe LIEberman AND they are unadultered DEMs:

    Mary Landrieu
    Michael Bennet
    Max Baucus
    Mark Begich
    Kay Hagan
    Ben Nelson

    Check out and see where your Senators stand at or some other such website.

  • April 28th 2009 Tuesday   13 years 40 weeks ago

    Was Tim here with us on April 16th as weldon. I remember April 16th because a comment I posted disappeared after a note appeared next to it saying my comment was "awaiting moderation". Then it disappeared without any explanation.

    And I remember weldon's comment because of his spelling of "KKKristianists" and his inability to bring reason to his anger over Thom's pro-Israel stance.

  • Will Obama Reboot Capitalism Anew?   13 years 40 weeks ago

    I wasn't sure where to write this, so I added it here. Yesterday, after hearing about Sen. Collins'/ Republicans' action to delete pandemic funding from the last budget bill, I called our illustrious MN Rep. Michele Bachmann with the following spontaneous rhyme. I know it's not Whitman, but it gets the message across:

    An Ode to Michele Bachmann

    Mercury, arsenic and the swine flu
    are part of nature too.
    They're still not good for you,
    just like CO2!

  • April 28th 2009 Tuesday   13 years 40 weeks ago

    Blue Dog Democrats have red fleas... that's the problem.

  • April 28th 2009 Tuesday   13 years 40 weeks ago

    Read George Lakoff's The Political Mind. Explains why conservatives (and progressives) do what they do. Lakoff uses the metaphor of the family to explain the major difference between the two ways of looking at politics, and main theme running through both parties. We need to understand what he calls the Strict Father and Nurturant family models (guess which is which), in order to understand conservatives and progressives and begin framing progressive values (the real American values) in ways that work.

  • April 28th 2009 Tuesday   13 years 40 weeks ago

    arlen specter does not listen to his electorate...he listens to AIPAC....and when it comes to the zionist allegiance, KKKristianists like Thomhartmann are the ROLLOVER KINGS

    what a hypocrite

  • April 28th 2009 Tuesday   13 years 40 weeks ago

    I had a very old friend who was in the Resistance during the war, caught by the Gestapo and sent to Ravensbruck. When she was dying I sat holding her hand while she cried like a child telling me that when she came home after the war she had not had the courage to see the family of one of her best friends to tell them how she had died, leaving them to the worst thing of all, not knowing.

    During a roll call her friend had done some little thing and the Nazis had turned the dogs loose on this girl; they chewed off her breasts and she bled to death on the ground in front of the barracks.

    Fifty years later this brave extradinary woman was weeping on her death bed because of what was done to her and her friends, suffering from guilt, she who had suffered so much herself.. From time to time she told me some horror when something brought it back from the hole where she kept them buried but this seemed to be a last convulsion that she could no longer hold inside her.

  • April 28th 2009 Tuesday   13 years 40 weeks ago

    Can Thom or the guest talk about the real reason gov'ts torture? Isn't it partly to scare the rest of the population into not resisting / dissenting / protesting?

    We are distracted discussing "did torture yield actionable intelligence" while ignoring one real reason we torture: because it works for that aim. Of course I am against that aim but let's get it into the open and attack *that*

  • April 28th 2009 Tuesday   13 years 40 weeks ago

    Britain's torture of Obama's grandfather

    Hussein Onyango Obama, a British soldier in the second world war, was locked up as a Mau Mau rebel in Kenya

  • April 28th 2009 Tuesday   13 years 40 weeks ago

    I think that this is a good thing that Arlen Specter is going to switch parties. The Democratic Party is a lot more excepting of Moderates than the Republican Party. This is another example of the Republican Party self destructing.

  • Will Obama Reboot Capitalism Anew?   13 years 40 weeks ago


    This is a well-meaning article, but rebooting the system will require much more that mere regulation and redistribution; the system is fatally flawed, and requires comprehensive, fundamental, structural reform. Anything but this will not do the job, and we will be revisiting these repeated crises all over again.

    Think about this basic inconsistency of the present system: financially the world is living on drafts upon the future (the credit/debt-money system); economically it is living on the products of the past. Without having to go into mathematical proofs, the empirical evidence shows that the resulting effects of this are:

    1. total prices increase at a faster rate than incomes are distributed to pay them;

    2. the increasing shortfall is filled with increasing accumulations of debt.

    This is the reason why current levels of debt are about (at least) 1.5 times more than the amount of money, and the divergence is growing.

    This is obviously an impossible situation; over time it can only get more impossible, until at some point it becomes terminal.

    It is a tragic game of cat-and-mouse, except the mouse (income; money) is trying to chase the cat (prices; debt)! The cat keeps getting bigger relative to the mouse, and at some point the cat will turn and swallow the mouse whole.

    The root cause of this unsustainable and terminal situation is the credit/debt-money-creation mechanism, what was traditionally called 'fractional reserve banking'; this is the snake in the house, which must be gotten rid of, otherwise it will keep biting, and eventually kill all the inhabitants.

    The debt-money machine is a Terminator; it is automatic and set to destroy humanity. We made it, we have to change it.

    Regulating a Terminator machine without changing the way it works is obviously not a solution.

    There are many so-called monetary reform proposals which suggest doing everything and anything but get the snake out of the house.

    The only serious monetary reform solution I am aware of for the USA is the American Monetary Act, developed by the American Monetary Institute, and based on the research of over 3,000 years of history, i.e. based on the facts of human experience. This draft legislation contains the 3 essential elements of meaningful reform that will deliver a lasting solution:

    1. It restores the monetary system to society, but does NOT nationalize the banking system (this would be very dangerous; combining the present banking system with the law-making system could risk a totalitarian tyranny).

    2. It keeps banks doing banking, but stops banks from being able to create money using 'fractional reserve' methods (this is what always brings us to repeated crises).

    3. It introduces additional money into the economy in beneficial and accountable ways (this means what is physically possible and socially desirable can always be made financial possible, without fuss or favor).

    I trust you will be able to see the vital importance of making this solution known to as many people as possible.

    Thank you.

  • April 27th 2009 Monday   13 years 40 weeks ago

    THX B Roll- muchas appreciados :)

  • April 27th 2009 Monday   13 years 40 weeks ago

    Hey Thom, just thought I'd let you know that every bond holder for GM is wealthy like Bush. I'm a 62 year old widow who had $10,000 in GM bonds. Today that bond value is under $1,000. I was advised that corporate bonds were a safer bet than stocks so I've taken a hit with GM and CitiGroup. So much for that advice.

  • April 27th 2009 Monday   13 years 40 weeks ago


    Not sure what's happening with this website, I just posted a message to you about information you asked for on April 16 from a post that disappeared from that day's blog. The post that I made just a few minutes ago didn't appear and I'm sure I had the invisible ink function turned off. I think I may have unintensionally done something naughty.

    So here's briefer version of my post:

    You asked me where the information about what you referred to as something like the "150 threshold" was posted. I've done a little research on it and it's called the "Dunbar Number". You can Google Dunbar Number and you'll get over 2.6 million hits. The paper on it is called "CO-EVOLUTION OF NEOCORTEX SIZE, GROUP SIZE AND LANGUAGE IN HUMANS"

    That's all I'll say about it now. I hope this one posts.

  • April 27th 2009 Monday   13 years 40 weeks ago

    lol no kidding B roll even just today, finally all my Republican family has been including me in their dialog about how the media has not reported how a Russian built an honor to 911 victims - see it yourself here. These relatives are just now figuring out what the media does not report as they are finally now on line. for ppt, google zurab tesereteii vladimir putin present to the United States 911

    So I sent them the link to the Cat Stevens Slide show and some other things including this passage from John Perkins:

    In general, "Things are not as they appear. NBC is owned by General Electric, ABC by Disney, CBS by Viacom, and CNN is part of the huge AOL Time Warner conglomerate. Fox is owned by Rupert Murdoch.

    Most of our newspapers, magazines, and publishing houses are owned- and manipulated - by gigantic international corporations.

    Our media is part of the corporatocracy.

    The officers and directors who control nearly all our communications outlets know their places; they are taught throughout life that one of their most important jobs is to perpetuate, strengthen, and expand the system they have inherited. They are very efficient at doing so, and when opposed, they can be ruthless. So the burden falls on you to see the truth beneath the veneer and to expose it. Speak it to your family and friends; spread the word.

    From page 260 Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. John Perkins.

  • April 27th 2009 Monday   13 years 40 weeks ago

    I don't know if exempting newspapers from antitrust laws would make any difference. Not that many people trust them anyway.

  • April 27th 2009 Monday   13 years 40 weeks ago

    Believe it or not, the persons stopping the right to die here in California are true to the homeless community and are concerned the government will use the right to die as a way to kill the homeless.

    I can provide the source if you wish however, they do such good work with the homeless, I hesitate to do so. I was just amazed when I learned this.

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