May 2010

BP running our country


You hit it on the head. I have been telling my friend this for 7 years now. We went to war in Iraq to secure the oil for BP (England)

The intel came from England for link between Alkeida and Sadam. And as soon as we secured the fields in south Iraq, England pulled its troops out. England's oil fields in the north sea have dried up and they needed a new source. A perfect oportunity with the pursuadable President George Bush came to pass, and the rest is history.

BP Oil tells us what's going on, really!

Sure they're doing all they can, it won't be long now, they put the call out for new ways to stop the leak. New Ideas are coming in daily that the BP scientists are reviewing, then deciding witch to put into action first. The call is out for Superman to show up, in the meantime they're really happy with their straw since they are collecting oil that they can then sell.

Is there a concerted effort in the UK and the US to destroy social entitlement programs, such as Social Security and Medicare? See some links below.

"By contrast, the President demanded that 'everything has to be on the table' for the Fiscal Commission, including his just-completed health care plan.


They have been called banksters, the investor class, the ultra rich, but we need to call them for what they are: Financial Predators!

This cuts across party lines, rich & poor, it's not anti capitalism, it is something everyone call understand. While sexual predators cause great harm to one or a few more people at a time, Financial Predators rape whole countries at a time.

Where’ve Gone John McCain?

Whatever happened to John McCain, you know the guy who ran for President of the United States, yes those United States? This article could spiral downwards with the “old” jokes we dump on anyone over 60. Like “John McCain is so old he invented plumbing” or “John McCain is so old his Secret Service codename is The Clapper.” No I won’t stoop to such banal and easy silliness, I have too much class. What I am interested in doing is finding out if I should put his face on a milk carton or are his principles in an undisclosed location?

Response to Shannon Donnelly, and the Beast conversation.

We have a mixed, diverse society. If our rules in society, cause a shift in behavior, we need to be wary the NEW IMPROVED behavior these folks will seek to get their thrills, or their money. When Society "cries out, that is naughty, and should be outlawed" THE NATURAL EVER SO HUMAN RESPONSE is to do it anyway, but through yet another NEW channel. As in the Rolling Stones Article about the M.I.A.'s you-tube music video, people just trying to "make a buck" "feeling forced to stoop" to the ultimate LOW level, and take a YOUTH'S LIFE, as if it were NOTHING OF IMPORTANCE.

Corp of Engineers blow up the BP well now!

BP is trying to save oil not the coast. This is what is done elsewhere.

Winning is easy with The Mystic Law.

Those Psalms in the Bible are quite powerful, too, by the way, and several can be directly applied to our cause. "I claim the 91st Psalm on my car and safe travels today, in the name of God." This is an example of how to effectively "claim a Psalm" you should place a hand on the car as you do so,(steering wheel, dash or hood, or roof) otherwise the prayer position, in general, for the hands is best. This Psalm, the 91st, guides your personal guardian Angels to protect you in your car, each time you drive.

A llikely motivation for resisting gay marriage

Hello Thom - -

I wish to join the conversation regarding gay marriage that I heard only part of on your show on May 18.

Good news for a free (as in speech) internet!

I'm pretty down on Google at times for their rapacious consumption and questionable use of personal information. But they done good this time, taking on the pantent-mongering control freaks, Mpeg-LA, and releasing a high-quality video codec under a BSD style open source license.

They have it exactly right here

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Trump and His Billionaire Buddies Plot to Destroy Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

Thom plus logo Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are officially in the crosshairs of the Trump administration, and they intend to go after them this year.