May 2010

Well-Being as Capital

May 28

A Capital Idea Part 10: Well-Being as Capital

Presumably, the entire idea of capital is to create more well-being -- health, happiness and security. Capital represents resources which can be used to create more resources, which leads to more well-being. In that sense, this post gets to the heart of the matter.

Dispersant Corexit 9527: EGBE has OSHA PEL of 25ppm on human skin

The intended purpose of dispersants is to dissolve or suspend the medium to heavy fractions of oil in the sea water. Reports have surfaced of very large (~100s of square mile) plumes of suspended small droplets of oil in subsurface layers of the Gulf. There are two benefits to this suspension of the oil: 1) protection of important and vulnerable wetlands from fouling with surface oil, and 2) increased biodegradation.

Welcome to Mussolini Land folks!!

The BP oil spill, Rand Paul, Ayn Rand, and the goofy Libertarians all rolled into one story..

With Liberty

Jeepers Mr. President

In the Bizarro World (this one) a president just can't keep out of the affairs of other nations. Let's see how it is on the "Alternative Earth".

The Hemorrhaging of America

BP is not a US company. Dubai is not a hometown. Neither are any other off-shore hiding places. Corporate interest is not our interest. Multinationals have no Flag. They have Logos. They pay unscrupulous citizens to act as their front and wave flags for them (to be passed out on the bus and picked up after).

Energy Secty. Chu -- BP bagman needs to resign

Energy Secretary Chu -- no more than an amoral BP bagman


On listening to the Press Conference this morning, I wondered "WHY does Obama always call Steven Chu a 'Nobel Prize winner'"?

Well, there appears to BE SOME reason. And the reason, is it whitewashing? The Oil Age Corporatists' surely don't want the public to REALIZE that ENERGY SECRETARY STEVEN CHU is the Oil Industry's most illustrious bagman and bribee!

Are You SURE You Aren't A Marxist, Citizen?

Everyone needs to shut up about Marxism and Communism . . . . or set fire to every Lowe's, Home Depot, and home office worker in America.

Oil leak black box

Yesterday on C-Span Coast Guard Admiral Allen stated that the black box had been damaged in the explosion. It was taken apart, repaired, and redeployed for continued use on the oil rig.


I am a scientist and I'm African American, and I am as sympathetic as you are Thom towards Obama and the bad hand he has been dealt. However, his EPA head, Lisa Jackson, should be ashamed of herself. Allowing 800,000 gallons of these toxic dispersants to be sprayed on our gulf is a repsonse I would expect from Bush's EPA, not Obama's. Read this on air or to Bernie, and please give me a free podcast year so I can listen to you in lab still!


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Democracy Itself Is on Trial

Thom plus logo While Donald Trump is on trial in the Senate impeachment hearings, many commentators are pointing out that the Senate is also at trial. Few, however, are pointing out that the fare and future of our country may will also be decided by this trial.