June 2010


Finally after 38 Years, Justice is done in Derry

All the 14 families of those killed on Bloody Sunday 1972 wanted was to have their loved ones names cleared. For all of that time they had been labeled "terrorists" by the British Government. I was at the hearings in the late 90's and early 2000's in Derry, Northern Ireland, my adoptive home.

Lord Saville has made things right.

Linked is a video I did several years ago on the 36 anniversary of what is now deemed a massacre.

BP Changes Name

Now I understand about getting Usama

I don't know if I wasn't paying close attention when Our Administrations explained it before - or if they didn't explain it very well.

Now that it's clear that we believe putting Murderers in charge of investigating themselves (Israel and the Aid Flotilla piracy, kidnapping, homicides) - I see that we've only wanted to get Bin Laden back here so he can oversee a proper 9-11 invesitgation.

Some interesting facts about BP

According to BP‘s website, the largest single owner of voting shares is BlackRock Inc, an American based private equity firm. They own over 5%. Their recent purchase of Barclays probably brings their total to over 9%. BlackRock employees gave about $50k in individual contributions to Barrack Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign, according to what I could find at opensecret.com.

Debbie in LA

A New Measure of Time

“The feeling of urgency is increasing every day now
for me and my close friends/comrades.

I find myself with an entirely new gestalt of ‘time'.

BP has no political incentive to cleanup the spill

Will someone please tell the President and the DEMs that BP has no political incentive to make this spill look better or the clean up operations more effective. BP working through the GOP dont give a damn about the environment, they care about November and the GOP will gain seats the worse the spill becomes. For BP more GOP in congress is a good thing; really will the GOP put more regulations on the oil companies or breakup these huge corporations? Of course not, they will keep the $75 million limit on liabilities hoping another crisis will distract the American people.

The Supreme Court’s rule that a Corporation is a Person!

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Checks and Balances - For the Common Good

It's the intersection of government and business, I believe, is where a rub is between progressives and conservatives.

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Trump - Dumb Luck or A Master Manipulator?

Thom plus logo Either it's an act of a master manipulator, or he has the best luck there is. Donald Trump wanted the Fed to lower interest rates, knowing that that would provide a solid and multi-year boost to the economy. But when Trump came into office, rates were already low and the Fed was not inclined to help.