July 2010

Raiding the Reactionary Right with Ray

Presumeably, this will be a locale for my maundering musings on all things political, social, and economic - that is to say, life in these United States today - in no particular order or state of decay.


If the Reagan Administration could eviscerate the Fairness Doctrine, why is it that the Obama Administration and a Democratically-controlled Congress not only can't only reinstate it, but apparently have no interest in codifying it into law, as has been attempted twice before?

Timmy The Tea Partier

Timmy The Tea Partier awakened bright and early. Timmy had an exciting day ahead of him. Like every other morning Timmy starts the day with a nice, strong cup of coffee. Timmy does not consider the fact that the Federal government monitors his water supply, to ensure a quality standard. After his coffee, Timmy enjoys a brisk walk around the block. He is so happy the government paid for and constructed sidewalks within his neighborhood. It is much safer for Timmy and his family to walk within the community, now.

Political "AIDS"

It occurs to me that working class Republicans are not unlike an autoimmune disease. With the best of intentions, they are ferociously attacking their own way of life.

A thought

the transnational corps. have rights of citizens? Is it possible to use this as a way to corner or litigate or make them dicide what part of there company is human and which part is not??? This has got to be an oppritunity to do something. P.S. I dont spell well, sorry.

July 20, 2010 - The Injustice To Shirley Sherrod By BigGoverment

Rachel Maddow Again Tries To Make Sense Out Of Nonsense In The Shirley Sherrod {Character} Assassination Attempt By A Right-wing Blogger. (video below)

The Power of Radio

I was living in the Sacramento area about when Rush was getting his start in there a year or two before he became syndicated and blew up in NYC. I am a strong believer that he, more than any other single person, is responsible for the massive shift to all things conservative and corporate in our country since 1987. Reagan and his cronies got it all started, but the shift could not have lasted as long without Rush.

Kaufman, Hugh

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A fight to save the country........an idea at least.

Have been trying to think of a positive approach to not only help the economic situation, get people back to work AND put the Republicans and Tea Baggers in their place.......... Here is my idea. President Obama, with congressional support, puts forth a mandate that ALL procurement and purchasing done by any Federal agency or d


during the vigorous healthcare insurance reform debates of the recent past, Thom spoke about how self insured companies/corporations actually can profit from being "self-insured". I have a crummy memory, but am interested in this subject. My corporate employer is a self insured company that utilizes UHC as ttheir plan "administrator". They probably pay a per person fee to UHC to oversee their plan, and I am sure that the plan is put together based upon recommendations to my employer from UHC.

Little Pink Houses Cover - an honest indictment of the so called American 'dream'..

John Mellencamp's song is a scathing indictment of the so called 'American Dream' but many people miss its original intent. The lyrics spell it out very plainly.

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