July 2010

Yes, Virginia, you can divide by 0!!!!!

There's a critical fault in our mathematics system.

The concept that 1 x 0 or 0 x 1 = 0.

People say that it proves itself when you try to divide a whole number or zero by zero or another whole number.

However, this is incorrect.


Lets say you have a box of nothing. It's completely empty. Someone came along and said they would multiply the contents of your box by two.

Now you would think, 2 x 0 = 0.

Steele actually speaks the truth...for a change

Last week the head of the RNC actually spoke some truth, along with some outrageous statements, about Afghanistan. We walk a fine line between supporting the troops and supporting a war that seems to be un-win-able by conventional standards. The danger of even speaking out is to be labeled "un-American" or "un-patriotic" so people tend to shy away from critique of the "war." If one has any memory of the turmoil over Viet Nam they can see parallels. His statements bring up the whole historical accounts of foreign entities trying to gain control of a rather uncontrollable region.

'Natural Capatalism' Book Recomendation

A few years ago I read a mind altering book called "Natural Capitalism' - Creating the Next Industrial Revolution" Written by Paul Hawkins, Hunter Lovins.and Amery Lovins They talked about the three pillars of a working capitalistic system.

BP Possible perfidy

Thom has stated that BP might have used an external flowmeter to measure the flow deluging from the gushing well in the Gulf. It has occurred to me that BP may have installed such a meter and simply kept it secret. how are we to know?

Paycheck Economics

Dear Editor,
Paycheck Economics. But for one Google blog site, I could have coined a phrase. We have heard of lots of different kinds of economics: supply-side (aka “voodoo”), Keynesian, classical, macro or micro, Mercantilism, Marxist and Institutionalist among others.

We Need To End Free Trade Now

In order to get our Hard Working Americans back to work we need to End all Free Trade Legislation (MFN,WTO,NAFTA) Now.This would mean putting Tariffs on all Imports which would create a Demand in the USA and all of those who have been reaping the benefits of Supply Side Economics for the last 25 years will become Entrepreneurs.There is a Petition at this link ( http://www.change.org/petitions/view/end_free_trade_now ) that I hope you will all read and if you agree please sign the Petition."We the People" have to start somewhere to change our Economy and by signing this Grassroots Petition i


I asked a co-worker to supply me with a few examples, as Thom asked a while back, of Republican legislation directed at supporting or helping the middle class. He came in this morning with Reagan signing the 1981 tax act....the 2005 transportation equity act and a bipartician "combating autism" act from 2006.....stunning. I did put him at considerable disadvantage when I insisted Rush, Glenn, and Shawn were not legitimate sources.

Dr. Chuck still has it wrong!

In my never ending quest to subject myself to torture, I watched Dr. Charles Stanley last Saturday night just to see what his latest cause celebre was. If you aren't familiar with the esteemed minister some facts are in order. He runs a church that has over 14,000 members. His wife of 44 years divorced him a decade or so ago because he'd been ignoring her (her own words) and cited a broken marriage. Maybe that's why he doesn't preach too much about marriage any more. [g]

Thom needs to write a basic civics primer for high school kids

My high school civics class was uninspired, dull, irrelevant, boring, and did nothing to prepare me a a responsible voter in our democracy, which is now in jeopardy from oligarchic corporatists. Civics class, which should be the crux of a citizen's education in order to understand the nature and uniqueness of this democracy, has become something that the right would like to drown in a bathtub. Thom, we need you to develop a text book, an accessable and relevant textbook that relates the real world and its socioeconomic events in such a way as to inspire our youngsters to want to

St. Ronald does some slippin' and slidin'

A couple of newsy items caught my eye over the past few days. One, which may have an affect on them climate change deniers like the ever intelligent Jim Inhofe the senator from the great state of Oklahoma. And that was the news from an inquiry panel from downtown Holland. A Dutch inquiry into the UN's climate science panel has found "no errors that would undermine the main conclusions" on probable impacts of climate change. I don't know if this will change Inhofe's mind, probably not, but it was interesting to note that the news made it to the crawl on Fox News. This gave me hope.

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Trump and His Billionaire Buddies Plot to Destroy Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

Thom plus logo Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are officially in the crosshairs of the Trump administration, and they intend to go after them this year.