August 2010


Question.... I believe I've heard Thom say on his radio show, that the govenment gives tax breaks to corporations to take jobs out of the country. I have friendly watercooler type conversations at work with Limbaugh listeners and would like more information on this if possible.

Are these "tax breaks to take jobs out of the country" part of NAFTA , or some tax bill.

Is there any legislation that would change this, or would congress have to leave NAFTA or other trade agreements... Thanks


What also needs to be asked to these people who believe the zygote is a human being is-Can a human being or any tissue from a living human being be put into deep freeze (-80C) for prolong periods, thawed and function properly. The answer is nothing that is living (as the person talking with Thom defines) can be frozen, thawed and function. Now once the zygote becomes an embryo as Thom defines (attaches to the uterus) it can not be frozen, thawed and function. Therefore there is other major differences between a zygote and an embryo.

Human Life vs. Human Being

The thing that these anti-abortionists and anti-stem-cell-research crackpots don't get is that there's a huge difference between human life and a human being. A fertilized egg and an unfertilized egg are both human life. So is a severed finger, until the cells die. None of those are even close to a human being. And the potential to become a human being is not a human being. Frankly, these anti-abortionists etc. just have an irrational religious belief.

Cage Free Chicken Eggs

We have a vote everytime we go to the groicery store, buy cage free aggs. Buy milk that hormone free cows produce.

Watch the documentry Food Inc!

The Truth about Bosnia

Hi Thom (and all loyal, thinking listeners),

Thanks for taking on these bigots on your show.


Thanks for taking on these bigots like Wheeler. They need to be exposed. We are living among them like we are living among cockroaches.

I do not like cockroaches. I'm glad you're not afraid of them.

Where Have all the Flowers Gone?

Dear Thom:

Why is it the world over can not be free? "Where have all the flowers gone? " Perhaps this is our last chance to show we have learned.

But, if history is our future, as done in the past, as a creature of great promise,

WE WILL NOT LAST! Thanks for all you do, Pax Patty, Lula, Ga. 30554

The Moral Basis of an Economy

August 23

A Capital Idea Part 27: The Moral Basis of an Economy

Mosque at "Ground Zero"

It appears that the same people who are opposed to the building of a Mosque at "ground zero" were also opposed to the 911 survivors receiving compensation a few weeks ago.

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Trump Briefs His Buddies at Mar-A-Lago but Not Congress - WHAT?!

Thom plus logo Donald Trump refused to brief the only branch of government that has the power to make war about his attack on Iranian General Soleimani.