September 2010

Coachmen, Boatmen and 9/11 Koch

In the real life story of Katherine Ann Kryder, born to Frank H. Kryder in 1931, her half- sister born in 1924 married James Bond and settled in Elkhart, Indiana. Later in life, far from Fort Wayne, and known as Kay, her friend was fellow writer Leslie Charteris, creator of Simon Templar, hero of The Saint tales which pre-dated the fictional character James Bond. Leslie's Hollywood writing partner was sometimes Anson Bond.

Only the Justice Dept can prosecute US war criminals

The US has not signed on for the ICJ (Int'l Court of Justice) or the ICC (int'l Criminal Court). Even if it has, int'l law is different. No prosecutor exists to bring charges. Parties (states) can bring cases which the courts have jurisdiction to hear only if both (or all) parties (states) consent to abide by the decision of the court in a particular matter.

This leaves US war criminals to the Justice Dept for prosecution. What are the odds?

Administration-Sponsored Bill for Surveillance of (personal) Internet/Blackberry Use

Called my NM senators & they heard about this, but more info forthcoming. Seems like something to keep on top of? There really are no 'good guys' (my fellow dems like to label so&so as a good or bad guy) There are only LEADERS ELECTED TO DO THEIR BEST BASED ON WHAT WE ELECTED THEM FOR!! If my/our agenda doesn't suit, then BYE BYE! Recall something about Obama & Co. pledging to eliminate provisions of the Patriot Act or tossing it out altogether???! NOT MAKING IT WORSE!!

simple truthful messages win

with Obama, 100% of americans will receive a tax cut on the first $250,000 of income. we keep twisting in the wind trying to explain extending the bush tax cuts for the middle class only, etc., etc., and the obvious keeps getting lost.

Who can argue against it if everybody gets it?

Thom is a Peacemaker

My name is Aiden Foster Evans. I have listened to your show for years and I have become very interested in your work. I am in the seventh grade and for a school project we are directed to choose a "Peacemaker" and I thought you were the most appropriate choice/

What does peace mean to you?

How many books have you written in all?

Are there any benefits to being ADD/ADHD?

What part of your career have you found most important?

Loss of Estate Tax Inventories

Indiana law requires that Wills regarding the disposition of property be filed with the Probate Court in the county where the property exists. Frank Freimann's Will can only be obtained in New York. The Allen County Clerk of Court has no record of the Freimann Will which in the Codicil directs that successor trustees be appointed by the Probate Court having jurisdiction. Indiana law also states "no Will shall be probated more than three years after the death of the testator," so it is way too late now.

Koch and the Codicil

Koch Fuels incorporated in Indiana the same day Frank Freimann executed the Codicil to his Will for the Allen County Trust which was never probated, in the same way as Minnie V. Kryder's Allen County Trust was never probated, in the same way that Frank Kryder died in Allen County in 1966 leaving none of the customary legal paperwork whatsoever.

KOCH FUELS INC P.O. Box 2256, WICHITA, KS 67220 Control Number: 194480-058 Status: Merged Creation Date: 2/18/1966

The Magnavox Codicil

The 2/18/1966 Codicil to the Will of Frank Freimann, Magnavox pioneer and president, regarding his unprobated, unsupervised Charitable Trust left in the trust department of the Fort Wayne National Bank.

Obama is capturing the college about we get the high schoolers?

Its clear now that Obama will be reclaiming the college aged crowd [and some gray hair types IF they take some NoDoze and get into this Century's game along with their kids].

I suggest that organizations all across the country ask its members to get out to high schools IN BLUE REGIONS...before or after school...and hold up the following large letter signs for the kids and teachers to read.


Are Voters Naive?

There is something primitive about the current crop of Republican candidates. Their ideas are unsophisticated and accusational. As many people know, Congressman Alan Grayson is running an ad in which his Republican opponent is called Taliban Daniel. That is an apt description, given the man's views on the status of women in society.

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Trump Briefs His Buddies at Mar-A-Lago but Not Congress - WHAT?!

Thom plus logo Donald Trump refused to brief the only branch of government that has the power to make war about his attack on Iranian General Soleimani.