September 2010

'Charitable Trusts' by Harold J. Boyle, 1948

This article clearly explains a fallacious side of charitable trusts and foundations. It lays out how some banking organizations would not be able to compete with organizations such as Fort Wayne National Corporation, multi-bank holding company of Fort Wayne National Bank (National City), for example, whose directors were all industrialists and estate lawyers who tended to inherit unsupervised charitable trusts which variously occupied the same vault as Lincoln National Bank and Trust Company (Wells Fargo) and its investing arm, Lincoln National Corporation.

Rigoberto Ruelas: The First Victim of Teacher Efficiency Ratings

September 28

Rigoberto Ruelas: The First Victim of Teacher Efficiency Ratings

Today I will take a break from my regularly scheduled installment on my ideas to radiaclly transform the world economy for the better, to discuss the sad case of Rigoberto Ruelas and the implications this case has for our educational system.

Paladino, the Welfare King

Paladino has made millions renting office space to government agencies. Another "anti-government" wingnut on the public dole. The Cuomo ads are running in New York. I saw this one last night:

Incorrect historical claims by Randall Terry


The only way to get religion out of politics is to attack the root, which is "believing things strongly on bad evidence" which is faith.

The best approach to taking religion out of politics is the one that Sam Harris outlines in his speech to the Freedom From Religion Foundation's 2006 Convention. The major obstacle to taking religion out of politics is actually religious moderates.

Obama & Co. are Inexusable

The pres. will have to cough up BIG TIME to get dem voters out NOW! In the next 30 days maybe a bit of troop withdrawal from Alfghanistan? Major manufacturing plants in the rust belt, to open in like January??? UUhhhhh -- let's see-- 'executive order' NAFTA into oblivion? I can think of a few more, but for 30 days, MAYBE he can have his populist left base back again!

Civil Disobedience Alive & Well in D.C. Today

The Appalachia Rising folks turned out in large numbers to protest mountain top removal for coal exc. in W.Virginia & environs. 100 arrested! Yippee! Peaceful protest &long term civil disobedience -- just what the doctor ordered! We all talk & then Obama &congress talk. Big corporations own our govt. and these beautiful people from the beautiful hills have come to wake us all up!!! No more talk!

Ronal Reagan's Letter to PATCO circa 1981

Thom had mentioned the letter of support for PATCO...the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization...and I thought that some in Hartmann Nation just might like to have a copy. I am not yet good at this electronicy-thingy but have been chipping my way through the electronic labrynth [sp] for a half hour now.

I am a Values Voter


I am a Values Voter: I value peace and tolerance in the community, so that all children are free from bullying, all my neighbors are free from intimidation, and my community and my nation are strengthened through unity.

I am Values Voter: I value Freedom of Religion, so that I and my neighbors can have a relationship with all that is most deeply profound to each of us, in a way that it is meaningful to each of us.

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Trump Briefs His Buddies at Mar-A-Lago but Not Congress - WHAT?!

Thom plus logo Donald Trump refused to brief the only branch of government that has the power to make war about his attack on Iranian General Soleimani.