September 2010

Michael Dulin, Thom's Video Guy!

I have been working on the Thom Hartmann Program for the past year now. When I arrived the show was simulcast on the web. With my direction, we have built the show into a national television program that is syndicated on both U.S.

Civil Disobedience is Get Things Moving

Let's get inspired by the abolitionists and the sacrifices they made. Remember Bloody Kansas? That was pro-slavery folks igniting farms, etc. of anti-slavery folks who moved fr. N.England to Kansas to buy farms so they could vote against westw. expansion of slavery. The civil rights activists of the 60s picked up where the abolitionists left off. Get out of Alfganistan & Iraq & get economy going? Just the ticket.

Re: D.C. Progressive Rally Attendance

Luv to see the eastcoasters & etcs. come out in force. That would fill two cities for sure. Problem is, I remember million plus marches around the globe against entry into Iraq by good ole U.S. & that did NO GOOD whatsoever. My girls grew up at these protests.

Vote-by-Mail Facts

Former Oregon Secretary of State, Bill Bradbury, wrote an article for The Washington Post entitled "Vote-by-Mail: The Real Winner is Democracy." The article gives many facts about vote-by-mail including its relative costs. Bradbury states that vote-by-mail costs the state and local governments 30% less than using polling stations. Since Thom was discussing this issue and the caller asked about relative costs, I thought that this article would be helpful to Thom and anyone else interested in the issue.

Fifth Amendment Farmers

Joe McCarthy and the House Un-American Activities Committee shouted, "fifth amendment communists," when witnesses refused to testify, in the 1950s. In the 1980s, Michael Kinsley wrote about "fifth amendment heroes," when Ollie North and other "witnesses" involved in the Iran-Contra affair declined to testify before Congress.

More Koch Tales, Anyone?

According to the Koch website company history, "Koch companies began operating in Oklahoma more than 50 years ago, following the purchase of Rock Island Oil & Refining Company in Duncan."

(As it happened, Katherine Kryder was haunted and drugged at that time, by an MK ULTRA army psychiatrist from Duncan...Naturally this prevented her from tackling a fortress of lawyers for her father's trust and on the date of her death as determined by the medical examiner, 9/15/1972, THE LINCOLN FINANCIAL CORPORATION was incorporated in Brecksville Cuyahoga Ohio ).

Rally on the Mall

You know John Stewart,Colbert and Ed Shultz having this rally in answer to beck is such a good idea. I wonder how many progressives and fed up Democrats will attend? Do you think they will out do the Tea party crazy's? I hope so. I know progressives are angry but to tell the honest truth they have not been as vocal as the so called tea party. We elected the President and then sat back and did nothing. Do you think that we would be were we are now if we had shouted from the rooftops for health care? No we sat back and let the Republicans pull it to pieces.

Calling the the Repbulicans what they are


Why don't we just call the Republicans what they are, people who don't believe in Democracy?

Thank you for what you do.

A loyal listener- Angelo Allen

Middle Class Needs A Larger Tax Break

It is ridiculous for Democrats to be held hostage to the Republican/Tea Party demand that we must give the very wealthy 2% a $700Billion tax break, with the implied threat that the GOP will fillibuster and not allow the middle class to get the tax break they currently have.

I recommend that a better tax break be given the middle class and small business in a new bill.

Let the Republicans filibuster this bill at their peril.

Let the current tax rates for the very wealthy and the middle class die a natural death.

Palin and the Tea Party

There is a genuine populist anger that has been hijacked by the billionaire Koch brothers and right wing organizations like Freedom Works. They have funded and organized the Tea Party with a venire of a grassroots movement and redirected the populist anger into the movement. Anyone who doesn't know any better fell for this, and Palin is like a cheer leader to keep that anger riled up. These people have bought the lie that "trickle down" economics works.

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Trump Briefs His Buddies at Mar-A-Lago but Not Congress - WHAT?!

Thom plus logo Donald Trump refused to brief the only branch of government that has the power to make war about his attack on Iranian General Soleimani.