November 2010

Economics help needed !!!

Got a old high school classmate who is a super right winger and an Economist by trade. He threw these 2 questions at me:

#1 The core issue here is, how is it that you think the process of capital formation occurs?

Estate Lawyer SVU

Moral of the Day: Generation Transfer IRS Skippers make Next Generation Mortgage Flippers.

Time for Democratic politicians to thank those who voted for them!!!

Take a look at to see about waving "Thank you!!!" signs on bridges!

This morning people here in Portland waved, thanked me, and a terrific woman drove up and said that in the weeks before the election she saw me and was inspired. Great for her! (I've been on other bridges and wasn't on the bridge she saw quite as often as she remembered.)

Bush tax cuts

The Bush tax cuts are due to expire. Why would Pres. Obama not allow them to expire in total in the short term? This would take the Republican's arguement of "fundamental fairness" away for the time being. They argue if the middle class gets tax cuts, why not the rich? After all.....the rich create jobs. Except they don't.

Diluting Corporate Money in 2012 Elections

We all saw firsthand how corporate money influenced the mid-term elections this year. With Republicans now controlling the House we should expect to see such monetary influence become even more prevalant in 2012. Democrats cannot assume to be able to confront this assault on our politcal system by traditional means. As such, we must do everything possible to dilute corporate influence in the next election cycle.

Empirical evidence that higher taxes on the wealthy lead to lower unemployement and greater economic growth

Next time you hear a supply-sider claim that raising taxes on the wealthy is a job- and economy-killer, now you can say with confidence that they are lying.

Using data from,,, and, I produced the following graphs:

1) Correlation between top marginal tax rates and GDP growth: Graph shows tight correlation between higher taxes and faster growth

2) Correlation between top marginal tax rates and unemployment: Graph shows loose correlation between higher taxes and lower unemployement

Civil Discourse

Carl Paladino, O'Donnell's and Firorina's concession speeches were not the best examples of civil discourses, but who cares. It seems that rudeness and the "over-the-top" comment seems to be the new civil tongue. With all the money being showered on various races around the country, thanks to "Citizens United" the civil rational voice of the people seems to be muted. I am sure you agree that we are all glad the ads are gone.

Obama Out Of Touch

There was an article in today's Huffington Post by Michael Roth (We Need to Create Trust - <>). In the article Roth made a statement about Obama "being out of touch." This is not a new development within his administration. This phenomena was easy to see during the primary elections for some of us who volunteered on his campaign at the grassroots level before the Obama For America (OFA) campaign came into town.

Destitute, Yes - Give Up, Never

First, please understand that I'm not complaining nor begrudging my life. My life is as it is, and I refuse to give up and quit working towards a nation based upon human values.

Back last January my wife decided to abandoned the family and ran off with some other guy. This left me to care for my 18-year-old son (my first wife died in 1999) and 7-year-old daughter. I managed to hang it together until about July when a series of circumstances caused my fragile economic situation to bottom out.

Democrats Need To Reclaim the Word Freedom Now

Thom plus logo The big debate among democratic circles is about the word socialism. It really needs to be about the word freedom. Billionaires claim that freedom means no taxes for the billionaires. Industrialists claim that freedom means no regulation for their industries.