November 2010

Are we represented?

I'm a father, a retired business person and a military veteran (Army, infantry, Viet Nam). Like most, I'm glad the elections are over. They are a circus run by special interests who spend billions to sell their candidates. Those who were elected throw their fist in the air and proclaim "the people have spoken". They use this slogan to do the bidding of their big money backers.

My letter to the President

Dear President Obama,

This is probably my third or fourth note to you. I'm sure you'll never see it, but I can only hope that there are enough like-minded Americans like me who, in the volume of their combined voices, can send a strong enough message that you'll hear us.

The Greens Vs. The Blues

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Stands With A Fist

In a scene from "Dances with Wolves" a tracker(Robert Pastorelli) is leading Lt. Dunbar (Kevin Costner) across the no man's land and they come across some bleached bones on the prairie. The bones are scattered mixed here and there with arrows. You get the idea. Well Timmons, the tracker looks at the bones and gets a big smile on his face and cracks "I'll bet someone back east is going, "Now why don't he write?" It is a good joke and fits in perfectly with the gruesome future possibilities for Dunbar in the western wilderness.

Thom - All Talk And No Action Does What?

Friday: 11-12-2010

This is the second time I'm making this point for you, Thom Hartmann. On 10-27-2010, I made this point, and today you had a 63 year old woman caller who made the same point your caller "Marcus" made on 10-27.


obama's problem

he's bringing cupcakes to a gunfight.

publicize "Bush is an admitted war criminal"

As an American that believes in the rule of law, I am shocked that George Bush hasn't been prosecuted. He has admitted his guilt and should be sent to the Haag. I hope that the progressive media mentions his confession of guilt at every possible chance.

don't forget about agriculture, connies (warning: discombobulation)

on the rural: the framers looked to Rome for study, and they also saw themselves as, among other things agrarians. In Rome, the rural areas outside of Rome extending into the Italian peninsula were found the landholdings of the various citizen classes, esp. the farmers. Notwithstanding the difference in scale when comparing the agriculture of then with that of now, the center of agriculture moved towards the midwest in the United States, and agricultural interests represented themselves through their allotment by geographic proportion.

Corporate and Ag welfare

Most of the checking I did, suggests that corporate and Agriculture wefare is in the hundreds of billions of dollars. How come NO one of the politicians are willing to eliminate or restructure this to reduce the budget.

How to Speak Progressive

George Lakoff wrote the book,


Try as you might, you can't help but think of an elephant reading the title of Lakoff's book. The book encourages progressives and liberals to reframe conservative arguments that promote our values. The book is in response to the Orwellian linguistic wizardy of right wing word twister, Frank Luntz.

Time To Expel Rep Steve King From the House?

Thom plus logo Congressman Steve King, in a new Internet meme, says that red state America has 8 trillion bullets and blue state America is still debating who can use which bathroom.