May 2011

Comment on Medical care in the U.S.

I often hear comments about how good the American Healthcare is and how it compares to Canada, the UK and the rest of Europe. It seems that many people are willing to make authoritative claims that the healthcare system in Canada and the UK are examples of poor systems. I am really getting tired of the misinformation.

How to turn the u.S. into a fascist dictatorship

The states with new ID requirements will not enforce them against registered Republicans. Those Secrearies of State will appoint Republicans as poll workers. This is the first step in making the United States into a dictatorship. The second step in for the resulting Republican president and Republican Congress to appoint Republican judges to lifetime terms, in order to defeat any Democrat who challenges the dictatorship's edicts.The current Supreme Court is almost there,right now.

Mr. Holland's Opus

I watched the last three quarters of this pre-9/11 film last night. It featured a U.S. that I thought existed when I was very young, the U.S. - when I'd matured a lot - as I thought it might still become, and now in my advancing years it represents for me the U.S. that has been lost forever. I cried over our loss but I still recommend the film.

Hippie TV News Video, with Joe McEvoy (Winston Smith) June 1

This week Japan scam, drug bank, PE Nolan, Ass$#%@ of the week and more…

Watch now!

Inherit the Wind

The Wind in the Will 000's, Gone With the Wind, Inherit the Wind,The Winds of War, King of the Wind- these are words emanating from the Maker, the Entity which holds the Original Plat for the World. Which document has not been seen for quite some time if ever. Whether it has been hidden by mystics, or stashed in a Skull and Bones Safe Deposit Box at Mercantile Trust, Judgement will be justly carried out for the 1950 Will of Clarence F. Kryder to his heirs, or Berry Street and its icons will continue to bring down the Wrath of God upon the entire country.

The Fight of the Century -- Big Government vs. The Big Bankster

May 31

A Capital Idea Part 72: The Fight of the Century -- Big Government vs. The Big Banskter (A Short Natural Lefty Production)

Moneypimp announcer # 1: "In this corner, representing The People, the reluctant pugilist, Big Government. In the other corner, representing the Financial Oligarchy, The Big Bankster. It's the heavyweight fight of the century, folks!"


Tuesday, May 31, 2011





Tuesday, May 31, 2011



Sarah Palin rolls into Washington on a Harley

Dressed in black jeans, leather jacket and helmet, Palin opened a campaign-style East Coast bus tour by joining tens of thousands of participants in the annual Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally to honor military veterans.

Palin's political action committee says the bus tour of historical sites on the East Coast is part of an effort to educate Americans on the country's founding principles, although it has been vague about the details

Ode to Dick and Jane, Spot too!

See John and Sarah.
Run Sarah Run!
See Sarah fall down.
Run Ryan Run.
See Medicare seniors gum Ryan.
Run Newt Run.
Wait, Newt is broke.
No campaign contributions.
Money all gone -- baubles for Calista.
Go Osama-killer go.
See GOP lie.
See GOP cry.

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Behold The Trump's Crime Family's Disrespect of Life & Humanity....

Thom plus logo In a time when wildlife populations around the world are crashing, endangered species tremble on the verge of extinction, and the entire web of life is at risk, the son of the President of the United States went to Mongolia and shot an endangered species, the largest sheep in the world with 6 foot horns.