July 2011

Cut, Cap & Balance Bill

The following is an email I wrote to my house representative from Minnesota, John Kline. I hope everyone is staying active and contacting their legistators! I know I have been in MN with our state shutdown as well!



Wednesday, July 20, 2011



Wednesday, July 20, 2011



As Debt Talks enter Emergency Like Conditions the People Need to be Extremely Wary

The Republicans are running the debt talks to the wire in order to take advantage of the urgency that will surround final wording. Watch for inclusions and exclusions in the deal that though objectionable will be to late do something about.

Its going to be classic mugging of the people at gun point. And the object of the "your money or your life" will probably be social security.

Think along the lines of "...under duress..." and "...less than arms length..."

A Pledge from Candidates to Fight for progressive Values if they want our Support

Hi Tom and Friends

We the people would only support candidates that would pleadge to fight for these values. We do not have to say this is a Democrat Republican or Tea Party pledge you only have to embrace these ideas would this be a way to get to where we want to be? This would be just like the Grover Norquest pledge only this would be for the people.

Bachmann’s debilitating migraines and heavy prescription drug use make her unfit for President

my sympathies to anybody suffering an illness, but the situation is what it is and she could not function properly in the office of President

Kucinich WARNING: Washington Debt Ceiling Double Speak on Social Security - WATCH OUT!

‘Gang of Six’ Acknowledges Solvency of Social Security, but Incorporates it into Deficit

Reduction Plan Anyway

Corporate Takeover of States via A.L.E.C.

ALEC was until recently a secret organization comprised of Major Corporations and State Legislators that designed laws to strip citizens of assorted rights in an effort to concentrate wealth.


Should Obama turn Bush over to the Hague if a Debt Deal Favorable to the People isn’t reached?

Sometimes you got to use what you got and stoop to the level of your opponent?

Bunny and News Corporation

I have many notes which indicate that capital of "News Corporation, Inc." first entered the United States in 1970 under the name GMAC, becoming its own capital entity in 1996 and has become most recently disguised as MERS. The money arrived here before "News Corporation, Inc." the actual front corporation. Also, it looks like Bunny has helped out John Edwards and Rupert Murdoch. Maybe Murdoch's reporters hacked into the Edwards stories, or even into the life of Arnold!

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Democracy Itself Is on Trial

Thom plus logo While Donald Trump is on trial in the Senate impeachment hearings, many commentators are pointing out that the Senate is also at trial. Few, however, are pointing out that the fare and future of our country may will also be decided by this trial.