August 2011

GHost of Walt Disney to Manifest at EPCOT

Mr. Magwire has announced that a GHostly tour of the present state of Walt Disney Enterprises will begin with Mr. Disney's materialization near the French Pavilion at EPCOT. In the French garden there, he will leave a sign in the dwarf mondo grass (Ophiopogon), not to be confused with Liriope, which some people for no botanical reason call "monkey grass."

FDR Said it plainly in 1942...

I remembered hearing in one of FDR's speeches he said that no American Citizen should have a net income in excess of $25,000 per year. ($353,540 in 2011 dollars) Well, he said it "clear as day" in a Fireside Chat in April of 1942. Below I excerpted the paragraph where he makes the statement. below is the link to listen to and/or read the whole speech.&

Negative Interest on money

Thom, I wish to bring to your attention a book by Charles Eisenstein. The title is "Sacred Economics" One of the books themes is to use negative interest to dislodge money from the holding pattern it is now in and to flow into the economy. This is real stimulus. As is cited in the book, this strategy was used after WWI in a town in Bavaria. It worked, until the German govt. shut it down.

A Startling Reality

There is an overabundance of gloomy news in the world these days and because of this, we have all gotten a bit desensitized. You open news links and you get lingering deadly effects of two US wars that go on and on with no end in sight or even WTF the true objective of these wars were to begin with. Then another headline will read “Drought and Famine in Somalia Have Killed More Than 29000 Children Under the Age of 5” with pictures of emaciated little bodies that hardly resemble human forms.


Only the men and women fighting and dying in our wars have made any sacrifice. So it would be everyone’s patriotic duty to at least pay for them. Let all the Bush tax cuts expire would be a great start. Another idea would

People Scavenging Garbage for Metal an increasing problem in Madison, Wisconsin

Bedframes, copper wire from old TVs, etc. we are going way WAY beyond collecting cans here.

But with most of the food pantry's and soup kitchens running low what are you going to do to feed your kids?

Thanks to the Isthmus Weekly News Magazine for reporting on this.

Fund Job Stimulus by DEMANDING $16 Trillion in Secret Loans back from Wall Street.

no brainer here

Obama face down in the lap of big oil.

I am sooooooo glad I don't have kids!

enuf said

Obama’s BP pays out only $5 billion from $20 billion fund established to settle their causing over $1 Trillion in Damages in Gulf.

Fast and Furious agents PROMOTED

Promotions for the ATF agents that knowling sold guns to Mexican drug cartels that wound up killing U.S. Border Patrol officers. Holder has been trying to cover this up. Promoting them to Washington D.C. keeps the offenders close at hand to the obama administration. This one is going to blow up on them.

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The Supreme Court Broke Politics - How Do We Now Reform the Supreme Court?

Thom plus logo We complain about the state of American politics; about a mentally ill billionaire in the White House and a Republican Party crawling with hustlers and conmen, and a few in the Democratic Party as well. The complaints are legitimate, but most people don't realize why the situation is as bad as it is.