October 2011

Bankster Schumer shows his Wall St Patronage with Buy A Home Get A Visa.

And when these foreigners buy a home and get VISA they’ll be working where ?

And why should the bank refinance for ya or engage in a work out when they might find a foreigner to pay full price for the home?

Welfare Down Under?

According to a recent report broadcast on Australia's Channel Nine - A Current Affair (ACA) the central government in Perth is planning to, as they put it, quarentine up to 70% of a welfare recipient's monthly allotment for approved purchases only. Using what they call a Bonus Card, which looks like a credit card, the central agency will, in five cities and Perth this year, and nationwide next, will dictate what people can spend their benefits on.

Fixing the Dysfunctional Senate

After now having lived with the Obama administration for almost three years I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, as a gay person I rejoice at advancements towards attaining social justice for the gay community that this administration has facilitated but, on the other han

"Higher Coordinating Commitee"

The president in his speech announcing that the "troops will be home by the hollidays...". What does the president MEAN when he mentions a "higher coordinating commitee..."? CODE for what?

Obama gives US Automaker Fisker $529 million in Taxpayer money to open factory in Finland.


Sleazy Hillary touts Obama’s Foreign Policy despite Korean deal for Goldman Sachs, CITIGroup, Chevron, Big Pharma, etc.

Bill Clinton signed arguably the two most devestating political gifts into law for the finance industry The Commodities Futures and Modernization Act and Repeal of the Glass Steagall Act. Had these two Acts not been signed by Bill Clinton the mortgage fiasco probably would have never happened and millions of Americans would still have equity in their homes. It is only fitting that Hillary Clinton should praise Obama's foreign policy.

Whack-a-doodle Walker primes the Mining Pollution Pump with new easier faster environmental permitting.

Thanks Obama for your stance on frick'n fracking.

When Wisconsin is struggling with a generation of kids with leukemia, lymphomas, lupus, and other autoimmune diseases we'll hit up the Federal Government for some help$$$.

American Idle

American Idle by leighmf, a short history of America for short attention spans

When America was young,
tung oil came from tung,
furniture was solid oak and maple.
Each title to one's land
was writ with flowing hand,
impossible to whiteout, cut, or staple.

Came the Royal typewriters,
Counting Houses, all-nighters,
double rubber stampers chaos wrought!
We loved their 5-cent candy dearly,
hydrogenated fats have clearly
made them too big to fail, or to be fought.

Some hard facts on China today …

China has 19% of the world’s population, but consumes
... 53% of the world's cement
... 48% of the world's iron ore
... 47% of the world's coal
... and the majority of just about every major commodity.

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Would a Democratic President Wield Power as Ruthlessly as Trump?

Thom plus logo Interestingly, the current divide in the Senate gives us an insight into how powerful a genuinely progressive Democratic president could be, and how much he or she could get done. As we saw yesterday, the Republicans voted repeatedly to participate in a cover-up of Donald Trump's crimes.