May 2012

Just for Thom (and other people who care)

We should Always Strive to Focus:

Our Minds, Our Heart-thoughts, and Gut-Felt Motivations:

In ways that will produce:

Discussions, Arguments and Debates,

Designed and Crafted in ways:

That will Benefit People:


We should Focus our Core Energies especially:

On promoting Nonviolent Methods,

And on Improving Communications:

Rachel Maddow Was Great on Sunday, and so was Hillary Rosen, on Meet The Press!

Rachel Maddow handed Republican consultant Alex Costelannos his head (figuratively speaking) with his condescension regarding the point she was making. If you haven't had a chance to see it, go to

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The American Dream is Alive & Well In China

Thom plus logo As we are seeing millions of people in the streets in Hong Kong becoming politically active, we also learned that roughly 70% of Chinese millennials already own their own homes.