May 2012

Do we prefer fantasy land?

Take your family out into the natural world is the message of the ads I've been seeing and hearing lately. A local billboard shows young hands holding a computer gaming device on one side, and on the other, the hands are holding the sides of a turtle's shell. On a beautiful July weekend last summer, I was disappointed to see lots of empty camp sites in a campground that was full when my sons were kids. Do we now need ads to urge us to take our kids to visit a natural environment?

Decline of the Lobbyists under Citizens United

The Primaries and related symptoms of Dysfunctional Politics

Rick Santorum is a symptom of our current dysfunctional political process, one of many. He's also representative of the results of our failed social value system that places money in control of election results, literally, in the USA.

FaceBook IPO Shenanigans = ENOUGH!! F**K the Washington\Wall Street Nexus!!

Cash Out of your IRAs, 401ks, and Mutual Funds. Invest the money in Credit Union CDs.

Teachers Union here dont care for the Students or what they do to poison its Students

The leaders of the union that represents the Teachers in the Chicago Board of Education is telling that they might go on strike because they want the teachers to get a 30% increase in their pay over the next two (2 ) years. The Chicago Board of Education is over $700 million in debt already.

Early 1980s company's could access pension plans

I remember hearing on the radio, in the early 1980s, that companies could now access pension plans. They were prohibited from doing that before that time. I remember thinking: well, there go the pension plans! Does anyone remember what laws were passed that permitted that to happen?



Obama’s JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley rip off the public with insider shenanigans on Facebook IPO.

Obama is too chummy with Wall Street and especially Jamie Dimon

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Can the Presidency Regain Its Integrity After Trump?

Thom plus logo Even those of us old enough to remember have probably forgotten that in the spring of 1979 the Attorney General of the United States appointed a special prosecutor to look into his own president's ownership of his peanut warehouse, to make sure that he wasn't, in any way, making money from his presidency.