September 2012

Netanyahu's fuse-cannon-ball cartoon at the U.N. -- not humorous, just volatile

Israel has refused to sign a nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Until Israel enters the civilized world and signs this treaty, why on Earth should we listen to ANYTHING Israel/Netanyahu have to say about nuclear proliferation?

Doesn't Israel have unreported nuclear warheads?

Isn't Israel a nuclear rogue state?

Should a nuclear rogue state that refuses to be inspected by nuclear regulators be allowed to give other nations orders about nuclear technology?

The Revolutions of 1848--They have something to tell us about Conservatives & Liberals

Increasing entrenchment of Capitalism Without Conscience and the rapid destabilization of culture triggered by Rapid Industrialization were causing Europe to boil and the rulers had no plan accept their own riches, safety and continuance and to hell with the people. Can you imagine that in parts of Europe like the German states of that year there was STILL serfdom in several forms (for an example, workers could be tied to the land, and, therefore, tied to the owner of that land -- meaning serfs were land/property slaves).

The "KEY" to Late Arriving or "Fence-sitting" Voters about Romney...

This is simple...and it needs to be presented this way...

As fence-sitters...independents...middle-grounders...undecided voters...approach this election...

...the best information to help them decide about Obama versus Romney...

...will be...

...what the ciizens of Massachusetts think about Romney as their Governor past...

...and...PLEASE...don't over-elaborate...

...break it down to people in "mid-america"...

...less is more...

...they will "get it"...


...we will win....

You Will Establish God’s Heaven-On-Earth

Ever wonder why the cost of food, clothing, shelter, utilities, and various products and services keep going up, up, and up?

99% to be reimbursed for the cost of the drought by Special Tax on Oil Companies.

Of course I'm joking, this is America. But if you did, Obama would have to simultaneously enact regulation so that they couldn't pass on the cost of the tax to consumers. Alternatively, you could achieve the same reimbursement if you NATIONALIZE THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY. But that isn't to be because that is "big government" even though doing so would put money in far right wing republican voter pockets - probably while they are screaming "

A vote for Obama is a Vote for Bernanke and Geithner.

nuf said, but Romney won't be any better.

Vote Jill Stein if you don't want to be screwed.

Obama to APROVE Northern Section of KEYSTONE PIPELINE after his Re-election.

But then again, if the filth Romney gets in office he'll do the same thing.

Either way your children lose.

Vote for Jill Stein if you don't want to be screwed.

Inspection - Were Da White Men At?


"Where da white women at?"

A question asked in Blazing Saddles flipped in my head this morning as I mused over a Bill Press segment that asked why only white men seemed to be a serious problem for Barack Obama this election year.

Need you ask?

Romney is no Lawrence Garfield

In the movie Other People's Money, Danny Devito played a character who bought struggling companies and "Harvested" them (Sounds like someone we know). In the end he realizes he can help transform a company to make it profitable and allow an entire community to maintain its way of life instead of just stuffing his pockets and boarding-up the factory. The factory stays open. The community stays alive and he is still able to make some dough on the deal although it is not the millions it could have been. Everyone benefits. Did Mit


Hi folk,

I am 71years old. I receive Social Security and all my medical care is paid for by the Veterans Administration. I have wonderful treatment in a local VAMC. I am ambulatory challenged and I am losing my vision. My wife gave up her work to care for me. When I was a kid I saw WWII vets who were double amputeees begging on the street. Thank God we take better care of veterans today. I was so outraged when Romney accused the 47% of us as being lazy. I have done enough, I am enough, and I have enough!!!


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Did Trump Commit Treason?

Thom plus logo News reports increasingly are suggesting that Donald Trump has committed treason in making a promise to a foreign leader. The question is, who is the foreign leader and what was the promise?