September 2012

Mormon's on the Dole (Heh- Maybe their all Irish or Anglo-Saxon, they said it not ME) and they dont approve.

This is my blog and you will get facts whether you like it or not. If you dont believe me - GO TO HELL! I dont lie. So, some ass-wipe Moron from the Moron Church, woops- Morman Church was quoted "We dont believe in the DOLE!" in the Chicago Tribune. We call it WELFARE here in the HOLY LAND Mr. Cant handle an OLYMPICS dude. The DOLE? Maybe he should get back on the "AIRCRAFT and AIRCRAFT himself back to "STEPFORD" where all the MITTS and the ANNs and the TRIGS and the Todds and the Bristols and the RAYGUNS come from. Maybe its time for US- as in U.S.A.

dear thom

have third party's write a blog and sent is to me at my E mail address; I'll post your blog on every page I have if you have a video of your campaign and what party stands for will post it as often as you like that what my progress page us for.keep up the good work.

The Recolonization of AFRICA using NATO and AFRICOM

The attack on the American Ambassador staying at a villa in Benghazi appears to be more than any of stories in the mainstream corporate media or anything the the government can spin: The attack looks like it could be the expression of Africa's disdain for another round of Divide-Up-All-of-Africa's-Wealth amongst Anglo-Euro, and now American, interests.

With all due respect -- is Mitt suffering mental disorder

When I saw Mitt at the airstrup trying to shift the crowd from chanting "Ryan! Ryan!..." to "Romney-Ryan! Romney-Ryan" he looked s awkward and so out of place the words "Asperger's syndrome" jumped into my head. Somthing is just not right there.

The slicing and dicing of candidate Romney's secret recording

In the first few words of this recording candidate Romney states if I am elected the money will come back(paraphrased). What I derived from the statement is. Were met Romney to be elected he would drop the income tax requirements for offshore reserves of American corporations. This one single item is the crown jewel of the outsourcing of American jobs. These corporations have made themselves wealthy at America's expense and now candidate Romney appears to be willing to give them a free ride. All the while giving meaningless lipservice to potential voters and the American people.

Obama’s speculator reimbursement scam gets ugly: “Greek protest turns violent during general strike.”

"more flexibility after the election."


I been sick.


I want to be the first to congratulate the...gray haired [and many younger prodigy]...knee-jerk...overreactioary...panic stricken...scardy-cat...liberals and lefties who can now celebrate their upcoming victories all across the country as a result of the WINNING results of the Novemebr 6th election. PHEW...I'm so glad that's over!

Obama’s Reuters News Service: The argument for Wall St’s “Cap-And-Fraud” builds.

Wall Street did such a knock out job with mortgage securities and credit default swaps we should really give them control over C02 production via Cap and Trade (Balls! Could you imagine?!).

Did I hear you say that ACA subsidies will cover everyone?

Twice I have gone to this tracker:

I'm single, 57, and make $48,000 in California. My estimated premium - $10,986 My subsidy - $0

If I report only $45,000 I qualify for a $6,701 credit, lowering my premium to $4,275 ( except I assume that I have to pay the full premium in advance to get the credit. )

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Felicity Huffman's $15,000 is chump change - America's biggest bribery scandal is a whole lot worse

Thom plus logo The American media world-both social media and "news" media-is afire with the news that actor Felicity Huffman is going to jail for spending $15,000 to bribe her daughter's way into co