December 2012

Fascism in Michigan

There is no question. The current Governor of Michigan is making Fascist moves to stifle democracy.

The voters of Michigan voted to overturn the Governor's identical powers, and now the Governor has thumbed his nose at the voters of Michigan and given himself the same powers! This is rare and unconstitutional. The Governor will be outside looking in soon; either through being voted out, or maybe given the boot earlier through citizen initiative.

give me a X-mas break

Went to a policy announcement and got a sales pitch. Good guys with guns know where to wear an empty holster. Pagans laid down their arms to play sports. Urban babies are caught in “good guy” and “bad guy” crossfire all of the time. And, may I ask, what the deuce is “ultimate protection”, other than immature nonsense? With every right come responsibilities which cannot be undertaken lightly.

12/21/12 at 10:59 AM “Worker’s Voice” reporting Obama agreeing to deal that slashes Soc Sec while extending tax cuts for the Super Rich(!?)

Anybody else hear this?

I wouldn't doubt it since Wall St is starting to react.

LIBOR witnesses silenced with the killing or jailing of their sons falsely accused of being lone gunmen

Right when the big banksters and drone industry need the public distracted and Congress to go along with them, several theatrical media events terrify, shock, immobilize, and distract the public. Two of the biggest witnesses to LIBOR fraud and how the money can be tracked, scheduled to testify to the US Senate, had their sons falsely accused of being lone gunmen in horrific tragedies. One had his son imprisoned, drugged, and beaten, whose life is at risk if the father testifies the truth . James Holmeswas accused of being the lone shooter in the Aurora, CO Batman theater t

An Essay..

Here’s my request to publish Dr. Steven Yates essay and Ben’s answer:


Does Economic Stress and the lack of the American Dream contribute to Gun Voilence?

Yea, blah, blah, games and the media, but how about other triggers of violent psychotic breaks?

The mental health of the NRA’s leadership

I would really like to know the mental health of the NRA’s leadership, especially Mr. Wayne LaPierre.

If ALEC takes out the Postal Service you will see postage price spikes at times of peak demand.

Reports are that FedEx and UPS are charging in the vicinity of $70 to $80 dollars to ship a standard package as the peak of the Grand Consumption fueled by religious superstitions reach its apex.

Whose Commons is It?: Chevron subpoenas non-profit for defending the Rainforest.

Instead of paying the huge amount that a court ruled Chevron owed the Indigenous peoples and government of Ecuador for polluting the pristine Amazon rainforest, the oil giant has launched a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the lawyers and others who fought for this hard-earned victory. As part of that suit, Chevron, worth over $200 billion, is involving non-profits like Rainforest Action Network.

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GM Shows Why We Need Medicare for All

Thom plus logo General Motors just pulled healthcare for 50,000 workers. There are some Democratic candidates suggesting that people love their health insurance companies, but this calculated move by a giant corporation that you and I helped bail out proves that employer sponsored healthcare is just another tool to control workers.