January 2013

The Truth about Ayn Rand


Filibuster Failure by louse Harry Reid.


Give the NRA what it wants

Let's throw the ball back into their court. Propose legislation that will FULLY fund a comprehensive mental health program that includes student screenings at schools. Let's create a government list on anyone believed to have mental problems to keep guns out their of the hands. Mmake that list available to all gun shop and anyone who wants to sell a gun. Then we can be sure guns are not sold to those on the list. Make it a class A felony to sell to anyone on the list.

Obama to approve Keystone Pipeline


Senator Kerry’s most important Senate appearance was in 1971

Senator Kerry’s most important Senate appearance was in 1971 the-last-word
On Thursday when Senator John Kerry testified before the Foreign Relations Committee on his confirmation hearing for Secretary of State, MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell looks back at the day Kerry established his great legacy almost 40 years ago. read more...

I say good on our President

I say good on President Obama for all the things he has accomplished in his first term and I understand the obstacles he has had to endure.

Legality of Car-Top sign.

Thom; My wife and I have driven all over Ohio and Pennsylvania with our Pro-Obama cartop sign. Now, we would like to drive into D.C. with our sign saying "Arrest Grover Norquist for Bribery/coersion of congress. However, we want to remain within the law; please respond with recommerndations. We intend to correpspond with the D.C. Police. Keith

Here's what Republicans and billionaires really mean when they talk about 'freedom'

Thom plus logo America is having a heated debate about the meaning of the word socialism. We'd be better served if, instead, we were debating the meaning of freedom.