February 2013

Big Dividend

Guess who got a check for over $600 million in December! One family. The Waltons own 1.3 BILLION shares of Walmart. They received in December a dividend for $.3975/share. That exceed $600 million. Not bad for a circumstance in which they were born into the Walton family and for which they have done nothing (to my knowledge) to earn.

March now

Protection of rights under renascent threat (credible recent evidence available), and proactive review of any interdiction of appropriate standards proposed, is incumbent upon our Justice Dept.

CFSgate = GWSgate = AIDSgate (a cover-up so big it's really 3-in-1)

Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) =

Gulf War Syndrome (GWS) =

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)*

UK PROGRESSIVE published one of my letters about NON HIV AIDS. This marked it’s 12th publication on 4 continents. This topic has been censored from mainstream media since 1992 (i.e., Gulf War I).

Obama to make BP’s fines and penalties for Gulf Oil Spill TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Obama’s Justice Department may offer a sweetheart deal to BP that is structured to help BP dodge taxes and force taxpayers to foot some of the burden of the 2010 gulf oil spill. The New York Times reports:

I’d like to take issue with Thom’s statement on the viability and security of the “surplus” in the Social Security fund.

This thought also pertains to the never “prime time TV – Radio - Internet” discussed Federal Employee’s Civil Service Retirement Fund; which functions similarly to the Social Security Fund but does not have the millions of people affected by Presidential and Congressional actions; only hundreds of thousands of individuals and their families are affected.

Homeowner’s Insurance excludes damage done by domestic drones!


If anything, the Washington\Wall St Nexus is unified in its wealth concentrating approaches.

Catholic Bishop's contract with teachers

I just thought you guys should know about this thing happening in Northern California (Sonoma County of all places).

The Santa Rosa Catholic Diocese is requiring its 200 schoolteachers to sign an agreement affirming that "modern errors" such as contraception, abortion, homosexual marriage and euthanasia are "matters that gravely offend human dignity."

full article:


WHOA! WH goes TOO FAR: threatens reporter for revealing truth about Obama favoring cuts.

Yea, yea, I know republican vs democrats, blah, blah blah… finger pointing,…BUT unfortunately Mr.

The Dark Side of Politics

The Dark Side of Politics - The Cause

Ken Chapin

February 28, 2013

Organized Money Is Dangerous To Democracy

The question that is constantly being asked, particularly on the talking heads on television, is "what do the Democrats have to do to regain political power?" What does it take?