February 2013

Head Start Study

I think this is the study to which the earlier guest was referring:


I don't have time to go through it in detail, but it looks like to me that this was really more of a study between headstart and *other* pre-school. What it shows is that there wasn't a huge positive impact between the head start group and the control group that was not enrolled in head start, but *were* allowed to enroll in other pre-school programs.


I've had this conversation over a decade ago. Studies show that advantages of preshool vanish by the end of third grade--this MAY BE PROOF that the public school system is a flop in that it destroys preschool advantages by the end of third grade. It's a no-brainer.

Shell has yet another accident at its arctic drilling operations.

Obama’s$$$ Artic Oil Disaster continues to unfold.

About a week ago, two of Shell's tugboats collided while maneuvering around one of their Arctic drilling rigs, adding to the long list of accidents and problems Shell has had in its first year of trying to drill for oil in the pristine, wild waters of the Arctic.

Reinstate the Draft ?????????

Hi Thom,

Reinstating the draft might seem a good idea, but that means you think war is okay.

Also, take time to look at Wikipedia STOCKHOLM SYNDROME. In the same sentence, MILITARY BASIC TRAINING, battered-person syndrome, and college fraternity Hazing, are also mentioned. Things that ruin people's minds, either temporary or permanent. It seems only the most arrogant and greedy approve of war-mongering.

Take time to watch the video "PSYWAR" and "HUMAN RESOURCE", they explain more about brainwashed humans.

Secret Service, Please

I will first display the raw data. Then I will show the concealed bank ownership calculations as related to Birth Certificate and Taxpayer ID, then supply buried supporting historical fact. If someone doesn't get this, the nation is doomed.


1). My Birth Certificate (Daughter of Katherine Kryder, daughter of Frank H. Kryder)


2). Federal Reserve Banks and assigned RSSIDS.

just a thought

The inevitable formation of “clouds” of mutual economic interest (Euro-zone, for instance) will, I think, eventually quell the storms that artificially constructed empires are built to weather. Any mechanically enforced, hidebound refuges from the paradoxical (complex) atmosphere of world affairs, which nourishes and worries us, are brick without mortar and steel with weak girders falling before the wi

Walker closing Nature Center and turning it into a shooting range.

NRA is now yet another special interest that owns Wisconsin.

Gasoline Prices

In 20ll the oil companies exported 200,000 barrels per day of refined gasoline; in 2012, they ramped it up to 400,000 barrels per day. So, each year, they reduced the gasoline supply by 2% per year. They did this austensibly to make $2 per barrel extra. In accordance with the rule of X5, that 2% rise in 2012 alone raised the price at the pump by 10%; and that is what just happened. I have proposed to the White House that the president needs to impose a ten cent per gallon tax on exported gasoline, thus negating their win win situation. Each exported barrel woul

Can someone help me?

The latest cost to the American People on President Obama's Health Law is 3 trillion dollars and by the time it is up and running in 2014 it might be 4 trillion helping from 30 to 60 million Americans and legal aliens. Does anyone know how amount of that HUGE sum will protect those 30 to 60 million people Identification from cards issued by the government to prevent identity fraud? Or will they do that later as an extra tax on the American People?

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