March 2013

Obamanation: Montana bill to legalize choking wolves to death.

Wolf-haters in Montana have introduced a bill to legalize a long list of deplorable acts. This bill, SB 397 would:

•Allow wolves to be choked to death in neck snares, killed in traps and hunted for 10 months of the year, including during breeding, pregnancy, denning and pup-rearing seasons;

bias of the middleclass toward the poor

i listened yesterday as a oklahoman oil worker railed about the poor and indigent who he thought did not work as hard as he did; who took welfare when they should have "pulled themselves up by the bootstraps"; and who were generally lazy and without moral code or work ethic. it was a rant i could hear daily at many gatherings around the town where i live, and a rant that i would like to respond to with such a good argument that even the thickest among the ranters would take notice and possible learn.

Serious Gardening #1 ..... Vegetables, Composting and More

It is still cold here and my garden is definitely on my mind.

Actuaries: Obamacare likely to raise costs by as much as 80% in some States.

Obamacare is a lobbyists wet dream come true.

Scrap it in favor of Universal Health Care or Medicare/caide for all. Obama should go to jail for having burdened the Country with such a fiscally profligate system. The Taxpayer's wealth is not at his disposal to help him get re-elected.

Easter? .... or Ishtar?

A surprising revelation

Obamanation: EPA’s willful disregard of Neonics is killing Birds, pollinators$$$, and contaminating fresh water.

"...paper concludes the EPA, in its risk assessment used to register a raft of neonic products over the past two decades, "underestimates toxicity by 1.5 to 10 fold if the intent of the exercise is to protect most species, not merely mallards and bobwhites." For the most vulnerable bird species, they found, consuming even two corn seeds coated with Bayer's blockbuster neonic clothianidin can have lethal effects.


Out-for-blood campaigns set to(s) -- for ‘just deserts’ served to blamable victims for offensive extravagance they have not savored or over-indulgence and bounty they have not reaped --will rabblerouse and roil harmfully throughout our lifeworld, I fear. [?]

A deeper look at how the Koch brothers are destroying our planet

Here is the beginning of the op ed I just posted on Daily Kos entitled, "The Koch brothers exemplify the planetary perils of extreme wealth":

Among the billions of stars in ours and surrounding galaxies, very few have the potential for intelligent life.

Frac Chemicals Revealed

Thom: Your latest show purports that these checmicals used in fracing are not public information. If you go to "Frac Focus Chemical Disclosure Registry", you can read about all of the chemicals, such as Hydrochloric Acid (stomach acid) and guar gum (used in icecream). Yes, there are carcinogens in there as there are when other people fuel their cars (you don't presently own one), just as production of organic foods or vegetarian foods still kills millions of life forms such as worms, beetles, snakes, moles etc, including billions of bacteria. True, we must get off of

LIFT Next Corporate Scam

It was reported in the Huffington Post that “In a private meeting with 200 CEOs, Obama reportedly said “that he might consider a shift to a corporate territorial tax system.” This system is the next major scam a group of corporations under the guise of the group LIFT is perpetrating.

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How To Bring Back A Middle Class

Thom plus logo From the 1930s to the Reagan Revolution, America grew the largest and most robust middle class in history. Along with strong unions, the main driver of that was that people earning more than about $10 million in today's money confronted a top tax rate of 91% until the 60s, and 67% until Reagan came into office.