March 2013

Call for the Impeachment of Justice Antonin Scalia for Violating Oath of Office

Justice Antonin Scalia stated that the continuation of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act representated the "perpetuation of racial entitlement," saying that the lawmakers had only voted to renew the act in 2006 because there wasn't anything to be gained politically from voting against it The oath of office requires that he remain impartial and protect all persons' rights equally under the law. His statements indicates he not only is not impartial, but also is trying to circumvent the constitution. The legislature put in place laws to protect the right to vote for all Americans.

Druckenmiller accuses seniors of STEALING

This former hedge fund manager is complaining that the senior citizens of the United States are stealing from the youth of today.

Selective abortion comment on radio show

a few days ago, a woman called in very angry about cuts to the Headstart program. This was understandable since it has always been considerable a good, productive use of fed $$$...She was a single parent with financial limitation...i think that the rest of her comments just came out in the course of her attempting to make a point. She got pregnant again with twins and decided to abort one of them--kind of seems particularly grotesque. i didn't know that they did i'm wondering--since she claimed to be a teacher why she wasn't more careful about whom she had intercourse with?

Women's Rights, Israeli Style...

Good ole Israel, at it again. Kill ‘em or neuter ‘em, whatever it takes, Israel's leaders intend for Israel to be an ethnically pure nation. Dear, dear humanitarian Israel, the Middle East’s only democracy and, as the world knows, the U.S.’s best (and only?) friend.

They Branch-Banked on My Birth Certificate

All ye Justice-seeking attorneys, judges, crime-fighters, and federal agents, I have before me a complete copy of

Compiled and Published Exclusively by
Under the Authority and According ti the System of

Chicago, USA

Geo-Engineering over the San Francisco Bay Area

Lines in the sky. Stripes. Cross-hatches. Dotted Lines. They are sprayed and widen. And whoever is doing this UNREGULATED weather modification over the San Francisco Bay Area must think that when the aerosoled substance spreads it looks like clouds. But it doesn't look natural in anyway.

Some of the lines were parallel. Even if these lines were contrails of commercial jets, who would allow jets to be flying parallel trajectories at the same elevation?

$40 billion/month QE to Oligarchs but $0.00 Federal aid to save Democracy in Detroit?

The Federal Government and it’s Quasi Government agencies guarantee (or whatever) all manner of debt and other forms of assistance to Corporations ALL THE TIME!

Bogus Grass Roots Award goes to: “Mom’s Clean Air Force” and Dominique Browning.

A special project of Washington’s Environmental Defense Fund$$$

And, no, the problem with natural gas isn't just one big mis-understanding.

"Just Following Orders" Sec. says...

You see what honesty and courage get you in today’s world? Look out for those drones, PM Erdogan. Here’s the new, sanitized John Kerry quick to defend his superiors (and contributors) while following AIPAC/Washington orders:

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"The Saddest Thing Is This Won't Be Breaking News"

Thom plus logo As the world burns, and more and more fossil fuels are being used every day planet-wide, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels passed 416 ppm this week at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii. In the 300,000 years since the emergence of modern humans, carbon dioxide levels have never been this high.