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March 2013

Oh Bob: “Tea Party” is effectively a pseudonym for “Super Rich” and Obama has pledge his allegiance.

The underlying objective behind the tea party and super rich are the same – money. And so long as Obama can get his needs met he’ll play along with them both.

In this sense, Obama is the biggest Tea Partier of them all.

WH Success!: Households Return To Borrowing giving consumers a false high regarding their wealth.

Debt ain’t income.

And if you won’t give People higher wages to restore a consumption based economy the only alternative is to adjust down the cost of debt to match their stinking wages.

Overpopulation and the Gay Agenda

This is somewhat of a departure for me. In the past, I have never been what you would call a political person. In fact when asked about my politics I usually reply that I am a recovering anarchist. I do however have an opinion about the future and fate of humanity. No one seems to want to speak about the most pressing and relevant crisis of our time, which is overpopulation. There are simply too many people competing for too few resources. According to most estimates, the planet is not capable of sustaining more than nine billion people. We are fast approaching that figure.

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Time for Trump To Start Following the Law

Thom plus logo The White House has instructed Carl Kline not to testify before Congress. He's the guy who supervised getting a security clearance, over the objection of the intelligence agencies, for Jared Kushner.