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March 2013

Obama + Walker = Unleashing a devastating tsunami of Open Pit mining for WI’s fracking sand.

ALEC wins again.

Say “good bye” to Wisconsin's natural world.

No environmental study over the consequences of this type of mining and no environmental controls after Walker’s mining bill.

Energy Independence: “Drivers endure high gas prices despite US oil boom”

There are some very ugly economic dynamics going on in America right now and it is about to be made much worse by Obama’s Fracking and Natural Gas Boom (aka “energy independence”). Let me state upfront that America needs – now more than ever – to Nationalize the Fossil Fuel and Dirty Energy industry.

Obama’s Rahm Emmanuel (Democrat) to close 54 Elementary Schools in Hispanic and African American Neighborhoods throughout Chicago.

Excerpt from the Article:

"During a news conference at Mahalia Jackson Elementary School, which is marked for closing, Lewis accused Emanuel of being on a ski trip when the announcement was made."

What is Geo-political?

Geo-political is a combination of politics and economic geography which involves factors like foreign policy and national power. Geo-political can influence your business and country you live in. If you're interested in learning more about geo-political, you may want to start with understanding geopolitics theories and how they affect the world. Check out this website: <a href="http://www.stratfor.com/geopolitical-weekly/">http://www.stratfor.com/geopolitical-weekly/</a> to read more about geo-political.

I figured out Jail shows.

I was watching a show on Spike TV. Actually, I am still watching it. I was an upholeterer. I was a Navy Parachute Rigger. I make Sh!#. What I saw in that show was new curtains made of Herculite(tm) that did not droop or wrinkle like they would have if they were not new. That made me wonder. (wonder wonder) What about the rest of the set?

Filibuster provides Cover for "Citizens United" Terrorized Democrats - worst of both worlds.

If it weren't for the filibuster, Democrats would have to do more than "talk the talk". They would have to actually affect legislation. If they do the right thing they will be targeted and challenged by big "Citizens United" money. If they cave in to corporate pressure and vote with the Republicans they can no longer pretend to be noble defenders of democracy. The filibuster provides them with the cover to have their cake and eat it. It just means the rest of US have to eat cake too.

here we go again

That’s what surprises me about black people, that are Muslim, the Arabs went into Africa to enslave the Africans, and left their religion behind they then sold their captures as slaves to the English, French, Spanish, Portugal, and who ever else wanted to buy.

Where is all this money that they made from slavery? Look at these country’s now.

Democrats rally to deflect responsibility for approving Keystone away from Obama.

The Keystone Pipeline could be approved today.

Baucus and Hoeven…

Dumb Ass "Americans"???

I have blogged and blogged on this subject and have been puzzled and disheartened at the lack of response. What is wrong with you, what is wrong with the general public, what is wrong with the 99 per centers? Is it stupidity as suggested in another of Elliot's recent blogs? Look, this is the single most pressing, most urgent problem facing the nation.

Dying Vet's Letter...

I pasted Thomas Young's letter in a comment to Elliot's earlier blog but I think it's important enough to repeat. Here it is again. Make copies of it, spread it around:[quote]

To: George W. Bush and Dick Cheney

From: Tomas Young

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Time for Trump To Start Following the Law

Thom plus logo The White House has instructed Carl Kline not to testify before Congress. He's the guy who supervised getting a security clearance, over the objection of the intelligence agencies, for Jared Kushner.