June 2013

News of Egypt -- June 30 street protests against Morsi and his religio-fundamentalist government

New York Times pre-coverage--


And Huffington Post today--




But the rampant violence many feared did not erupt so far. Instead, the giant anti-Morsi rallies by hundreds of thousands in Cairo's central Tahrir Square and outside the Ittihadiya palace were festive and celebratory, spilling into side streets and across boulevards.

Obama used surveillance program to help Corporations rip-off other Countries.

Free market my ass.

The Democrats’ surveillance programs benefited American Corporations and their 1% owners and Europe knows it.

It is truly a very very sad day in America!

Being that Random House has cancelled the Publication of the Upcoming Paula Deen's Cook Book whats next? They wont publish authors who use slurs in fiction books. Or reprint Huckaberry Finn? I've read many authors work used racial slurs in their books why accept their works but not Paula?

Snowden: it’s against the law to make it known the ruling class is breaking the law.

Only in America can you get hunted down and incarcerated without regard to any rights whatsoever for reporting that the ruling class is breaking the law.

M Tempinski

John Brennan LEAK MEMO: Corporate (Fascist) Secrecy is his desire

Associated Press has gotten hold of a memo put out by CIA director John Brennan. The memo outlines his executive plan for stopping INCONTINENCE, JUST KIDDING.

Brennan is probably already wearing geezer diapers, so it CAN'T be about THAT.. .

Rather, Brennan wants to stop that other kind of leaking that just upsets these authoritarian Stalinist types so much they're having a urinary lapse.

Toward a More Balanced World (Instead of One that Tilts to the Right)

I wish to take this opportunity to explain much more about trends in handedness and correlates of handedness.

First, let's look into the causes of left-handedness. A website from Australia gives the best summary I could find (http://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/bhcv2/bhcarticles.nsf/pages/Left-handedness). Causes listed include genetics, gender, fetal development, modelling, brain damage (that's right), and adjustment due to injury.

Conscious Creator Forum

What does it mean to be a conscious creator? We’re all creators, whether we admit it or not, whether we create our reality consciously or unconsciously, actively or passively. To become conscious creators, we must realize that our thoughts, in the forms of belief, attitude, value and expectation create our reality. Idealists by nature, we do the best we can with what we know.

Cyprus-style bank deposit confiscation now applied by EU

And they call this rip-off by the quaint term "bank rescue"...

Somebody, tell me PLEEEASE, WHY WHY WHY should anybody be preparing for "future bank bailouts"??? FUTURE bank bailouts??? I guess the rip-off scams are too good to end and they want these to go on for as long as The LIttle People will tolerate the scams.


Obama in AFRICA: Overview

This piece on Obama tripping to Africa is a more pointed article than anything I've seen in newspaper. And gives a good explanation of BRICS participanting nations on the African continent.

Evidently the Obama Administration feels it was necessary to implement a Counter Insurgency Force to protect the President and his entourage from insurgent African animals! Sheesh.

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Would a Democratic President Wield Power as Ruthlessly as Trump?

Thom plus logo Interestingly, the current divide in the Senate gives us an insight into how powerful a genuinely progressive Democratic president could be, and how much he or she could get done. As we saw yesterday, the Republicans voted repeatedly to participate in a cover-up of Donald Trump's crimes.