July 2013

Embracing Moral Mondays 7 Days A Week

For me, watching Bill Moyers’ PBS Frontline “Two American Families” on July 9 brought me to tears. This was literally my neighborhood. I grew up in Milwaukee’s Sherman Park neighborhood, which is where the Stanleys, one of the two families lived. I used to spend my winter days as a youth walking to Sherman Park to ice skate; in the summer to use their public pool.


I'm so tired of the inaction of congress since 2010. It was obvious to everyone what the plan was the moment President Obama took office, do nothing hope the country falls apart and blame the black man. The right wing in this nation has no idea's to help the economy besides lowering taxes for the wealthy, eliminating food stamps and privatizing everything. The President put forth plans that are proven to work, such as rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. He can't do anything though with out the help of congress, at least anything substantial.

Ayn Rand was quite mad, you know

Why would rational people posit that eating your own children is the sane and rational thing to do? There is such a thing as protecting your interests, but that most irrational, I'm trying to think of something to call her, twit, and, what t's me off is how much air time she still gets with her OBVIOUSLY unworkable notions, rant rant rant

Mark Ruffalo Hits The Proverbial Nail About Healthcare and Warfare

Mark Ruffalo on Real Time with Bill Maher hit the old proverbial nail smack on the head. Please watch the video. thinkingblue

Congress & Courts Run Amok

Thanks Thom for bringing so many buried issues to the attention of people, lets all hope (or pray) whichever an individual is comfortable with... that "We the People" wake up and make it US Constitutional Law that Corporations are NOT persons and Money is certainly NOT speach.

To the guy who called around 3:35 central named Tom who asked Thom something he doesn't know what he's talking about (surprise!)

Yeah, be very wary, its a public secret that water at vaporization emplathy expands 1600 times into vaporized water, steam et al. It's the most phenomenol fuel additive ever, but people have died for trying to market water injection, and sooo much crap about how it wouldn't work.

Nostalgia: The dangers of rose-tinting the past (America as Empire)


This interesting commentary sheds light on 'America as Empire' and also on the pathology of "patriots".

Surveillance program took the risk out of Financial Markets for Wall St Traders$$$.

It’s not insider trading when the government gives you the information?!?

It pays to own the Government and besides laws are for the little people.

Germans praising Snowden as HERO.

NSA evoking Stasi Seizing lives of others.

Meanwhile Obama and Great Britain are hard at work villainizing Snowden with the use of their State Run media.

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Trump and His Billionaire Buddies Plot to Destroy Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

Thom plus logo Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are officially in the crosshairs of the Trump administration, and they intend to go after them this year.