July 2013

Right again hartmann

Tha-a-hhats right, poverty leads to stiltification of corruption, but I don't see you helping people, you say 'go thou, and be filled' and try to reason with the devil. how can you expect Bernie to get any laudible bills passed? How's about you giving me a grant? Oh, yeah, you sell books and think capitalism is our savior. If I had written a book about how it's the hunter gatherer syndrom, muahaha, actually I'd be feeling sheepish and guilty for the fleece I'd shorn. sheepish? yes, the scientific community is chuckling.

McConnell: Debt Makes America Look Like Western Europe, Where Spending Cuts Sparked Recessions | ThinkProgress

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) reiterated Sunday that the automatic budget cuts that began taking effect March 1 were “modest” cuts

Critical Thinking - Facebook Image

Critical Thinking: The GOP, Tea Party and those who enjoy Fox News and Rush Limbaugh... HATE IT! thinkingblue

Concept and Definition of Critical Thinking
Why Critical Thinking?

The Problem

Your Country On GOP

On which side would you like to live?

Another one of those 1000 word pictures: The Right-wing side gives us the mountains of private garbage dumps, the hypocrisy of religion, guns and corporate pollution, payday predatory loans and senseless shootings, your world according to the GOP. Left-wing side needs no explanation.

un just and unreasonable changes to Thoms time slots

I dont know about Thom or the rtest of you guys out there but the new programming line up sucks big time........I am positive that the right wing control machine is behind this and we all mst stand up and force changes. Thomn is getting to popular and is educating too many people to the truth anbd they cant handle it so they are trying to silence Thom....Micheal angelo over Thom, come on. really?

sorry Thom but I cant get you on my radio anymore and im in my car in the afternoon...

this cant be allowed and it is a right wing ploy

Germany and USA intelligence link via NSA

Now both utilize 100 percent capture of content and location. Spies and lies from these governments go together.




According to the presentation, the system is easy to use and enables surveillance of raw data traffic "like no other system."

a new disease

called drone fever is sweeping the ruling class consciousness. this is a proof they are stupid, blinded by power. people really are stupid, as we all are, but when we refer to logic ((log-ic), refers to a log. this log is written in the erosion of the sphinx, among other places, such as when man began to alter material stuff to signal what he had experienced, since he became emotional enough to consider it 'noteworthy'. So, ergo, therefore, this is really where his brains must gire and gimble.

Reviving a Consumption driven economy using increasing amounts of personal debt is not a Recovery.

It’s just getting Wall Street some fee and interest income in between bailouts while blowing a bubble for your party to take advantage for the next election. It's what Bush did - had the People finance the economies expansion instead of the Government.

Walker’s tossing around wads of his “awesomesauce” fails to impregnate the future of WI Jobs.

Walker’s WEDC has been passing out cash to campaign contributors without regard to job creation. In fact, the spokesperson for Walker’s Wisconsin’s Economic Development Council Thomas Thieding, openly stated “We don’t create the jobs. We help the job creators”.

Obama co-sponsors Stand Your Ground Law

Our doublespeaking president must have a very short memory. In 2004 he co sponsored SB 2386 a law strengthening Illinois Stand Your Ground law.

I guess if obama were a city, he would look like Detroit.


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Democracy Itself Is on Trial

Thom plus logo While Donald Trump is on trial in the Senate impeachment hearings, many commentators are pointing out that the Senate is also at trial. Few, however, are pointing out that the fare and future of our country may will also be decided by this trial.