September 2013

QE monies are going to emerging markets, not the US.

Tying the duration of QE to the Government’s measure of American unemployment suggests a cause and effect relationship, but if there is any measurable relationship between the Fed’s QE program and American Unemployment level’s it is obtuse, extremely indirect, and probably just a coincidence. This explains why other less developed countries get the jitters when there is talk about tapering off the QE program.

Inspection- The British are Coming! The British are Coming! WAIT! "Americans?"

Grandmother takes care of her grandchildren off and on. One of her grandchildren, while she is away, sells some pot to a friend. The police come and take her house: prosecuting under civil law, and demand she prove her house wasn't bought with drug profits. They have no proof: they don't need proof under civil law, which in this case flips innocent until proven guilty to guilty until proven innocent. Forget "reasonable doubt." That has been disappearing for a long time.

knowing the question to ask

the problem is not whether we have sinned, or whether to repress or indulge our own evil natures, but rather whether we can be productive or do "good". The question in Syria is whether we can protect the helpless and do the least harm. I doubt anything we do could make the situation much worse (insurgent radicals already there, Russia must already consider our responses, and no one will permit Iran to do muchmore than sabre rattle). Productive conscience (Fromm) is a good idea.

The Revolutionary LIP Convention !!

The ‘Life of Pi’ Convention

One Married Gay Man's Rant

The "R" Word

Congratulations to the guest on C Span Washington Journal this Sunday to call a spade a spade and use the R Word in describing world problems such as in Syria, Iraq, Iran and the rest of the world. It seems that most of the Media are afraid to link RELIGION to the problems of this world. As if it was some Sacred Cow (woops there goes another religious reference), they choose to call it ethnicity or ethnic cleansing or other euphamistic expressions. And they who BELIEVE are still waiting for their Deity to rectify all of the resultant evil. Don't hold your

Syria stinks of Special Interests and upcoming US Elections.

Budget and Spending cuts have hit the “Defense” industry hard of late and the industry has lobbyists$$$. Whether Obama gets his War or not at least he will have demonstrated to the Industry that Democrats – like Republican Filth – are willing to pursue their interests….killing.

And I thought we were supposed to have a deficit problem? Or is it that we just have a problem spending money on the 99% opposed to wars that don’t directly threaten us?

''The Wait''

Waiting? The country is waiting for jobs Waiting for the recovery to begin, Waiting for Health care, Waiting for Republican's to take their hands off of our Freedom. Waiting for The Trickle down. What would The apple pie of American democracy be with out ''the wait'' capitalizing on ''the moment'' when others procrastinate aka Vaca ''cha cha cha ching'' $$$$$ (a Republican dream). That's the point of vulture capitalism.

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America Needs To Move Seniors Out of Poverty and to Stop Choosing Between Food & Medicine

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