September 2013

New Cobra Interview

Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Cobra Interview

You might want to listen to this new Cobra interview:

Objective Redistricting, part 1: The Description

There's a website proposing an objective method of forming districts. They call it the Shortest-Splitline Algorithm.

The Big Picture - Reply to Caller on Marijuana

Hi Thom,

According to the documentary "The True History of Marijuana" ( marijuana was made illegal by the corporations and politicians in the 1930s.

Corporations owned by William Randolph Hearst, Lamont Dupont, Andrew Mellon, John Rockefeller, and Andrew Carnegie were threatened by the mass production of marijuana.

Harry Anslinger, apponted as head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, used what he learned during prohibition and applied it to illegalizing marijuana.

The Jobs Mandate

Hi Thom,

The next time the subject of job creation comes up as ammunition as to why this or that project is worthwhile like the Keystone pipeline you can counter it with The Jobs Mandate (org) No matter how many jobs any particular plan claims to be able to create The Jobs Mandate could create many many more for much much less.

Yosemite Fire ~~> Colorado Flood

Is it possible the Yosemite Fire was the trigger for the Colorado Flood?

Maybe I missed it, but I've heard no one mention such a possible 'cause and effect'.

THE Joke brothers

Koch brothers economist: Unskilled workers don't deserve minimum wage via @allvoices

Regulation Smegulation: “Reliability Ensures Coal’s Future”

When the rest of World is ditching nuclear, coal, and other dirty energy with new solar installations, good old America sees a future in coal

Obama can authorize Medicare for All at anytime but it doesn’t give money to special interest groups.

Maybe Obama could even put an end to the threat of government closure or debt ceiling snaffu's by authorizing a much cheaper and more efficient Medicare for All, but he won't.

I’m just saying…The whole point of Obamacare was to turn taxpayers’ dollars into campaign contributions, not provide the best possible solution to America’s Health Care crisis. It's classic Democrats putting the party before the People.

Fuck Karen Ignagni!

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Who Will Stop World War III?

Thom plus logo Back in 2001, after 9/11, Congress gave the president the authority to basically wage war anywhere in the world where there were governments affiliated with Al Qaeda, the radical Sunni Muslim group that came out of the Saudi Wahhabist movement. Iran is Shia Muslim, essentially the sworn enemies of the Sunnis.