October 2013

A Letter to My Tea Party Congressman

This is a copy of a letter I recently sent my Congressman regarding the current crisis in Washington. I'm a bit hesitant and nervous to post it here since it contains some pretty personal information but I do so in the hope that by telling my story, I can somehow help others who may be in a similar situation:

Civilization Visions Still Alive and Well Today

"Civilization has been defined as a conflict of lower and higher races in which the lower has been compelled to do all the common, dirty necessary work, while the higher class had leisure to loaf, dabble in art and science, and study the laws to keep the rich idle and the poor busy."

Climate Death: Exports to net Big Oil Billions$$$ as Obama pushes production past that of Russia.

To hell with the American Peasants' Children!

Drill Baby Drill and Export Baby Export! While fobbing off the costs of production on the American People while privatizing the resultant profit!

It's an Obamanation.


childhood's end

Politics (“we want to negotiate” is ruse by the ‘party of no’) opposed to principle (“we don’t negotiate with the full faith and credit of the nation” is reasonable) or political ‘win-win’ (sequester spending levels plus something else) and economic ‘lose-lose’ (uncertainty) as opposed to pragmatic compromise are the choices Congress faces. The lesson that the GOP was supposed to have learned about lac

Contacting your Representative

Hay Thom, heard you say to contact your representative about some topic you were talking about. Well I just got an email from my senator saying they could not reply to my email because of the government shutdown. Is anybody listening?

How and who determines what is shut down in a government shutdown.

With the closing of National Parks I have heard both sides blame each other which is ridiculous on one side. Of course the shutdown was because of the Tea Party Republicans, but is it political what is shut down also? Who determines this. My conversative "friend (fiend)" says it cost more to baracade the National Parks, etc., that they make more money. Kinda makes sense. That is what he is being fed and I dont know anything about baracade if it is true or not and what it cost. Is there anything to this?

The Congressional Sobriety Pledge

Legislative Sobriety Pledge

I , a duly elected member of the US Congress, do hereby pledge that all votes and actions which I take in the course of my governmental duties shall be while I am in a state of total sobriety; free of the influence of drugs and alcohol.

--You need to do this: Have your representative take the pledge today!

New name for corporate owned politicians

I love wordplay and Thom's term for Wall Street ("banksters"). I have a term for our corporate owned politicians--"pocket politicians".

Legislating While Inebriated Should Be Unlawful.

Is a hard core alcohohic third in lIne for the Presidency? Despite all the Republican noise about drug testing recipients of government assistance, and assuring that only "qualified" people can enter a polling place, where is the noise about our Speaker of the House?? Someone with an organic brain dysfunction that has public effects on his emotions and someone who gets gassed on ethanol every day is questionably qualified to occupy this position of succession.

WIC Food Items permitted

People who claim that you can buy junk food on the WIC program need to knock it off. Unless some merchant is scamming the government here is the list from Wikipedia that the program permits. It is amazing how often misinformation is disseminated (often by partisan scammers I suspect). Exaggerating every imaginable possibility of misguided government is part of a huge campaign to foment discontent and cynacism. Just use the Kock funded adds of the prostate probing Uncle Sam that are flooding the media.

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"The Saddest Thing Is This Won't Be Breaking News"

Thom plus logo As the world burns, and more and more fossil fuels are being used every day planet-wide, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels passed 416 ppm this week at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii. In the 300,000 years since the emergence of modern humans, carbon dioxide levels have never been this high.