October 2013

Wisconsin: Mining sand is no more environmentally sound than the FRACKING it is used for.

Don’t be fooled by sand mines. They are an intrinsic part of the Fracking industry that pollutes and consumes a frightening amount of our scare fresh water, releases methane (and when burned C02), causes earthquakes, starts kitchen faucets on fire, etc. and generally trods all over the People’s Rights in the process of polluting the environment in a myriad of other ways.

Dept of Energy$$$ approves 4 projects to export Natural Gas from fracking.

The fracking industry has the Democratic Party by the balls.

2013 International Drug Policy Reform Conference

More than 1,000 Meet in Denver to Develop Drug War Exit Strategy
CC: By Tony Newman, AlterNet - Wednesday, October 23 2013

International Drug Policy Reform Conference celebrates this year's unprecedented momentum of the drug policy reform movement.

Stop Watching Us

Ben & Jerry's ‏@benandjerrys
Speak up! Speak out! The #NSA will be listening at the @stopwatchingus rally tomorrow in #DC. #StopWatchingUs pic.twitter.com/8ZYN9uoaWY

Stop Watching Us: A Rally Against The NSA's Mass Surveillance | Washington, DC 10/26

Join Restore the Fourth, Access, ACLU, Center for Democracy and Technology, Demand Progress, EFF, Fight for the Future, Free Press, reddit, Mozilla, Public Knowledge & More

Highest temps in Arctic in at least 44,000 years?...and why EXACTLY?

Greenhouse gasses are the only reason given for the greatest increase in temperatures in 44,00-120,000 years, according to the article at the link below.

But why does NO ONE ever mention other sources of atmospheric heat VIA unregulated technology -- specifically:



Will Rogers on Unemployment and Inequitable Distribution of Wealth

Here is an interesting video on YouTube which is entirely relevant today: "Bacon, Beans and Limousines"


new day?

Will someone please remind folk that there are living witnesses to the atrocities of lynchings and Jim Crow laws, and the era of overt racism is not a vague remembrance from generations past.

Keep it simple and pick your battles wisely

Although I'm not a government scholar, I do have life's experiences and observations that span well over a half of century and ideas and views formed that people may or may not agree with. There is alot of anger, finger pointing,seperation and just plain crazieness. The motto "Divide and Conquer" seems to be alive and well in it's workings from Koch Bros, government, major media and the Corporate world. The American people have every debateable conflict going on today with more complications then answers.

Inspection- On a Vast-ier and Waste-ier Vast TV Wasteland

Last night I watched Hot Tub Time Machine for the 6th time... at least. I know, I know. Hot Tub Time Machine??? Don't worry. I won't watch it again... for a long, long time: hopefully.
 A choice made out of desperation, to be honest.
  When I first saw the promo for the movie I refused to bother going to the theaters for what I thought was a concept beyond dreck. And it sure is dreck, isn't it?

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Would a Democratic President Wield Power as Ruthlessly as Trump?

Thom plus logo Interestingly, the current divide in the Senate gives us an insight into how powerful a genuinely progressive Democratic president could be, and how much he or she could get done. As we saw yesterday, the Republicans voted repeatedly to participate in a cover-up of Donald Trump's crimes.