October 2013

ObamaCare’s “death squad” denies 5.2 million Americans upfront – they will remain uninsured.

We need to undertake comprehensive campaign finance reform and enact Universal Health Care or Medicare/cade for All.


Voting the Hart Way

Washington State

twenty five counties of thirty nine will have barcodes on the face of the ballots individual and identifying marks on the ballots, Tim White and Tom Munsey have had law suits against the bar codes and the Auditor implied that she was going to remove the barcodes. ....

Bully-in-Chief Senator Cruze and the Tea Party Pathology

Senator Harry Reid and others have already diagnosed the disorder that attracts certain individuals to the Tea Party. The underlying truth is that many, particularly their leaders, are bullies. To get a flavor for what defines a bully visit the website www.bullyonline.org .This will ring bells so loudly that you will be left with no doubt about what this movement is all about.

Politicians and Diapers need to be changed often for the same reasons.

And that goes for Democrats as well as Republicans.

Classic Obama: Cutting down entire forests to burn the Trees as fuel for power$$$ plants expected to double.

This from BioGems:

Burning trees for electricity creates more carbon pollution than coal, gas and oil — and destroys our irreplaceable native forests in the process.

Michigan State University STATE NEWS article from May 31, 1967, Vol 59 Number 188

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Lawyer urges illegal drugs be sold by state, by Ellen Zurkey, State News Staff Writer

A Lansing lawyer proposed Monday that drugs which are currently illegal be put under state control and sold to users at cost.

James Starr, former state legislator, made the proposal before an ASMSU open hearing on marijuana. About 100 people attended the hearing.

tea party and health care

I've come to realize that the Tea Party and some Libertarians are Corporate Anarchist. They basically want big oil, coal, chemical companies,meat processors, auto manufactueres etc to be able to exploit and pollute our natural world, sell unsafe products, food etc. without the "Pesky Government getting in the way" They also use the argument regarding our health care that "obama care " is government coming between you and your doctor. I am a doctor and right now insurance companies come between you and your doctor.

Glenn Beck Metastasizing Throughout Cable Markets

Toledo, OH radio waves have ads from Glenn Beck egging on Tea Baggers to lobby Buckeye Cable System to carry the venomous programming "The Blaze TV". To counter this misinformation station, everyone should lobby their cable provider to carry Free Speech TV. For more information about how to go about this contact freespeech.org and also look up "Friends of Free Speech TV in Burlington (Vermont). They developed a group of advocates and succeeded in adding FSTV to their regional cable network. The Beck people are laying a big line of sewer pipe for the 2014, 2016 elections.

sub-academic ramblings continued...ole!

I split my time here between putting down my thoughts here as they come to me and attempting to refine my ability to communicate effectively with others. The latter takes effort away from my fundamental thought process so I do the former mostly out of habit but also because there may be some who get something out of my unedited drafts worth considering.

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Are We At "Peak" Citizen's United?

Thom plus logo Donald Trump has corrupted pretty much every federal agency, but the one that is most concerning is his corruption of the Department of Justice. Bill Barr, in 1992, ran the cover up of the Iran/Contra treason scandal on behalf of George HW Bush and Ronald Reagan. Now he's running, according to Lev Parnas, multiple coverups for Donald Trump.