December 2013

Sham: Obama leaning toward approval of Keystone XL Pipeline.

The end of 2013 marks th

The Value of a Dollar 3

Previous posts titled with "Value of the Dollar" examined some of the basic concepts used to understand economics and the relationship between political ideas and economic theories. Central to this undertaking is a view of the dollar as a thing. That is, when we speak of a "dollar" in the abstract we first start by thinking of it as an object, as a bill with certain markings.

I wish to clear up a myth about corn and ehtonal used for bio-fuel.

The petroleum industry wants us to believe that , in order to have ethanol, we will have to plant extra corn. This corn will only be used to make fuel and will take food from humans. It will also use lots of extra petroleum to make this corn and will produce more CO2.
Right? I believed that crap too!!! Until recently.

Private Freight Carriers (e.g. Buffett) NOT so much High Speed Passenger Rail benefiting from Obama$$$

chrony capitalism is NOT "Change"

ALEC Calls For Penalties On "Freerider" Homeowners In Assault On Clean Energy

The Guardian, November 4, 2013

An alliance of corporations and conservative activists is mobilizing to penalize homeowners who install their own solar panels -- casting them as "freeloaders" -- in a sweeping new offensive against renewable energy, The Guardian has learned.

A third of bank tellers rely on government assistance

No kidding, tell me something I didn't already know 10 years ago. I can say definitively after almost 11 years in the financial industry that this is the case. It isn't just Walmart and McDonald's employees getting the shaft.

You can create jobs simply by deconcentrating wealth.

just so we are all on the same page....

And DO NOT DONATE TO NPR until they drop their Fracking Natural Gas propaganda.

Conspiratorial Capitalism

We have set before us today an economic system that can be described as “Conspiratorial Capitalism”. The economic conspirators of today have morphed into a destructive force entity prophesized by Thomas Jefferson:

WI Dept of Natural Resources to allow shipping Tar Sands over largest body of fresh water on the Planet.

Obama's and Walker’s diseased thinking is having dire consequences for the entire nation! We need Fresh Water!

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Part 1 - Is Economic Disaster About to Hit & Are You Prepared?

Thom plus logo Right now the United States and the world are facing four massive trends that, in combination, we haven't faced since the 1920s. We are seeing the rise of a new and brutal form of governance with extraordinary industrial capacity and power in China, much as Nazi Germany rose in Europe.