December 2013

Over 1 million long-term Unemployed to stop being counted in Unemployment Rate.

“Expiring jobless benefits to lower US Unemployment Rate”

Excerpt from the article:

Banksters Forever

Just listening to TV/FreeSpeech on west coast. 11:40pm, Tues Dec 3. Your rant on Banks relative to Detroit. Yes on their exploitation and it is not exclusive to Detroit. Racism enters into it BUT it is heavily loaded towards class differentiation over-riding everything. It does not matter whether one is black, white, red, yellow, brown...what matters is class.

Why don't MSNBC just cancel Morning Joe?

This Network clearly wants to be a network that get get the story right and out to Regular People without a slant,for one side or the other.

Palestinian Peace Talks???


Why is there hardly any coverage in the Media or Press about the current status of these talks? The Palestinian Delegation just resigned. How about bringing this up.


Today is Dec. 3, 2013. This, the 113 Congress, (which started January 3, 2013) has now been in session for 360 days without passing a GOOD WAGE, JOBS BILL to help our economy. This is the 16th repeat of this post.

It Must be Obama's Fault that One World Trade Center Eclipses Willis Tower as America's Tallest Building

Obama is president. Obama is from Chicago. It must be his fault that New York City's One World Trade Center has overtaken Chicago's Willis Tower as America's tallest building. One World Trade Center, also known as Freedom Tower, is 1368 ft. in height to roof, and 1776 t. in pinnacle height, or height of structure. The WIllis Tower, formerly called the Sears Tower, is 1400 ft. in height to roof, and is 1729 ft. in pinnacle height, or height of structure.

holy x-mas batman !

The public sector has frozen COLA and cut deferred benefits over three decades. Within the past few years millions of state and local employees have suffered layoffs and cascades of earnings. The loss of 300,000 manufacturing jobs in Detroit was not the fault of public sector workers or municipal garbage collectors.

Treason and Sedition?

Shortly after dinner with friends a few weeks ago, the conversation turned to politics and current events. When the subject of the Trans Pacific Partnership, (a new world trade agreement being negotiated in secret) came up, eyes began to glaze over and one by one my friends picked up their I-phones and dropped out of the conversation. Such is the state of the American condition. Americans are so weary and overwhelmed by the problems facing our country they simply cannot deal with one more attack on the sovereignty and well being of the American People.

Other progressive journalist news sources

Robert Reich does as much editorializing as Paul Krugman on a given week on the Huffington Post. He also produced a great documentary film, Inequality for All. I read the NYT at my local library several times a week and, yes their articles are very cleverly written in that a lot of their writers seem to be tow the same corporate line. All in all, I think the HuffPost is more intellectually stimulating and informative, despite being a news aggregate web portal full of fluff, than the NYT or any other major newspaper I can think of on any given day.

FRACKING OIL SPILL: 865,000 gallons in North Dakota wheat field


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Part 1 - Is Economic Disaster About to Hit & Are You Prepared?

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