December 2013

Obamanation: Bailed-out Wall St banks giving themselves $91 Billion in Bonuses for 2013!

And here I thought the QE proceeds would go to waste after the first $16 Trillion dollar bail-out!

Wisconsin’s Incarceration Problem

President Obama pardoned 13 people last week and commuted the sentences of eight others. Each of these commuted sentences was related to violations concerning crack cocaine. President Obama was able to do so by invoking the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010. Prior to the passage of the FSA, possession of crack cocaine held a far more stiff sentence than possession of powder cocaine. This was widely believed to b

Am I right or what?

Many Republicans and Democratic are scared to tell the people what President Obama really is. Yes, he is a Liberal Democratic; He is Black and yes he is a Marxist that supports Saul Alinsky’s ideas that his Grand parents raised him on; his Mother; and his adopted black Uncle Frank Marshall Davis whom he called affectionately as Uncle Frank.

President Obama is tossing someone else under the bus

George Clooney has given millions to the President Obama re-election in 2012 and it seems President Obama is tossing him under the bus too and not doing anything in the Sudan.

Nasty FrankenFood Propaganda: GMO-ers seek 'natural' label for their monstrous creation

Tucked away on the interior business pages of the New York Times is a story that everyone-who-eats should be informed about!

The food processors and those who purvey these bizarre creations -- and their GMO-creating cohorts -- are lobbying the Feds so that they can override certain state policies and categorize GMO ingrediants as 'natural' and advertise them in this misleading way, too.

Stop the Coyote-Wolf Killing "Derby" in Idaho on Dec. 28 and 29

Shortly after Christmas, kids as young as 10 will be able to participate in a statewide wolf and coyote slaughter contest in Idaho.

On the weekend of December 28 and 29, the "First Annual 2 Day Coyote and Wolf Derby" will offer cash prizes for killing the largest wolf and the highest number of female coyotes, among other acts of killing.

Wolves and coyotes are essential parts of the ecosystem....Sponsoring their death isn't just cruel -- it could be environmentally devastating.

workers violated ?

I recently discovered that my employer is giving a random drug test .I know that I can not stop that. I however question if it is legal for the employer to "witness" the test.We have to drop our pants show our package to another man turn around and pull our shirt up.Then pee in cup. Is this not invasion of privacy? At the least?


Your assessment of Sarah Palin and use of the English language is correct. A person

does not have to be stupid to be ignorant. There is a whole society of intellectuals who ignore intellect. Although in Sarah Palin's case, I would argue she is both. You are so much nicer than I am Thom. And that is why I'd like to wish you, Louise your extended family and your staff A very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Oh and don't forget Bernie on Fridays Merry Christmas and happy new year Bernie.

Rev??? Bill Keller

Seems ike I heard Jesus died for the sins of mankind? I'm sure I was dreaming about that and that didn't happen, but seems Keller is reveling in his purity and saintlyness, making himself closer to God by pointing out those nasty homos. I wonder if he would talk that way if he'd been abused as a child, soddomized a few times, yeah.

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Did Trump Commit Treason?

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