December 2013

Megan on Fox

Dear Thom I cannot verify your leap of faith. To assume Megan has made that quantum leap in intellect, that Santa Claus isn't real and she is protecting some five-year-old watching the channel.

A President participating in a “selfie” during a Funeral?!?

Uhm,…yea,…how do I go about saying this?...

The revolving door and chumminess btwn Politicians and the Media damages the 99%.

It is one of the bigger sources of propaganda and otherwise acts as a highly distorting filter the American People can no longer afford.

This relationship needs to be addressed in any campaign finance reform.

How Ayn Rand's free market religion killed SEARS/KMART via her devotee Eddie Lampert

Ayn Rand's religious beliefs -- based in her FAITH that capitalist greed is the answer and her justification of her anti-social disdain for all but the Super Men of her ideal Utopian vision -- when applied in the real world, are proving not only UNsuccessful, but ABSOLUTELY destructive.

Case in point: Ayn Rand's follower Eddie Lampert has applied the Randian "principles" to drive the once thriving SEARS and KMART empire into the ground.

When compromise is a loss for the people...

The current proposed budget is being touted as a step forward because it is a "compromise." However this compromise only enshrines the Republican budget cuts and the failure of Democrats to somwhat stop the bleading with another cave in. Why are the rich and corporations still not paying their fair share? Why do we insist on maintaining military spending at such high levels? Where is the relief for the unemployed and the poor? Why are children still being denied food? When compromise is another step to the right I say that it is not worth a compromise.&nb

Right Wing Parade of Liars on Affordable Care Act

All of the schils and phonies are still showing up on TV and in the press with their bogus, but well publicized, "horror" stories. Many are discredited, but the original sources, such as "Tox News", avoid any corrections or retractions. As another example, witness the physcian who went out of business because of 'Obama Care':

Obama silences Keystone critic – his own advisor John Podesta!

Obama is going to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline.

This from CREDO:

Apparently in the White House, having common sense now constitutes a conflict of interest.

John Podesta is the highly respected founder of the Center for American Progress and recognized as a uniquely effective chief-of-staff to President Clinton. He announced yesterday he'll be going to work as a top advisor to the president.

These Republicans.Have No Shame.!

These lying A@@ Republicans.......Wow, They have no shame. I believe ,Mr Obama did not know what he was up against, when he was ELECTED and not APPOINTED.

Number of Unemployed Americans = Combined Population of LA + Chicago + Houston + Philadelphia

“Energy Independence” = The energy needs of the 99% are better off in the hands of lobbyists than international free markets.

Care to guess where calls for “energy independence” is leading us? Hint: it has to do with privatizing maximum profits while socializing the costs of production. And no, they won’t be paying their fair share of taxes either.

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