January 2014

Herr Obama’s Pentagon issues death threats against zee truth teller Snowden.


The long march led by MLK continues: Marching away from those who prey on a People for profit

First they tried to lock a People in SLAVERY for the motive of profit using an economic system.

Then they tried to lock a People in POVERTY for the motive of profit by guranteeing unemployment to reduce wages.

Then they tried to lock a People in SLAUGHTER for the motive of profit by war in Vietnam.

Then they tried to lock a People in GHETTOS for the motive of profit from international drug trafficking.

Now they try to lock a People behind bars for the motive of profit using the FOR-PROFIT PRISON SYSTEM.

The MARCH is not over till all the locks are broken.

reflections on the relationship between the social form of urban civilization and the globalized interface of crime and anarcho-capitalism

To claim and hold territory; this imperative has been inherited from pre-historic times. The anthropological and archaeological forays of the colonial-era European 'Academy' were attempts to find real-world answers to the philosophical problems facing those who saw a need to remake society. Intuitively grasping that the range of possibilities for the future might come by discovering the nature of humanity, they sought clues in as widely divergent sources possible; they sought to examine humanity in its primitive present and its civilized past.

The true face of discrimination

The true face of discrimination in America is testimony to evolution. In Europe in the dark ages and prior to that it was always discrimination against the poorest. It was always rich against poor. I'm not saying that discrimination does not exist against black people. I am saying Martin Luther King was a well spoken generous and decent human being. Had John F. Kennedy Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy live America would have come closer to fulfilling its promise of justice and equality. Stolen from a movement was the catalyst surgically removed with assassination.

Outsourcing your medical care to India

While listening to the radio about outsourcing American jobs to foreign countries so that corporations can get away with paying their employees less, I breathed a sigh of relief that my particular job (yes, I'm a real physician) would never suffer such a fate.

I was wrong.

Pot Super Bowl

I bet a lot of pot heads will be at the Super Bowl ----- both cities in it treat pot more loosely than most places view cigarettes!!!!!!!!

Gains in Employment since 2008 all from minimum base line growth of the population not Bail-Out and QE.

Americans need to consider that the bail out and QE program didn’t really do shit for them.

What was needed at the time was “trickle-up” economics and a government controlled dissolution/ownership change of the Too Big To Fail banks.

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Trump and His Billionaire Buddies Plot to Destroy Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

Thom plus logo Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are officially in the crosshairs of the Trump administration, and they intend to go after them this year.