March 2014

Reality Check: Obama’s 1%’rs wanted the Uber Billions in Biz contracts Crimea needs to spend modernizing its society.

As far as the Western leaning International 1%’rs and their corporations are concerned Obama screwed the pooch in Crimea. Energy, telecommunication, etc. etc.

Suggested GMO Labeling

I hear many individuals who support labeling of GMOs for no other good reason than; “we should know what is in our food”. Yes I agree. BUT since all genetically engineered crops are different, just putting GMO on the label tells me nothing. So, I have come up with just a few examples of labels that might be used.

Cesar Chavez: Movie Helps Remind Us Of Our Proud Progressive Past

Economic justice. Peace and non-violence. A deeply rooted commitment to the human spirit. All these words describe Cesar Chavez, one of the greatest “wisdom voices” to have lived during my lifetime. When it came time to write Wisdom of Progressive Voices, there was no question that Chavez would be included.

Do Corporations have a collective conscience?

Hey Thom and company,

I just want to extend a periodic thank you for the work that you guys do. You are an oasis in the desert without a doubt. I visit your oasis every night just about, 7 PM on the RT feed we get.

Its strange isnt it you dont hear it from the left...

Have you notice, none of the Liberals, who voted for Obamacare and those on the radio and television, have said openly that if they were down on their luck they would apply for it. I know many on the left would say the conservatives didn’t either. But none-4 years ago-voted for it. Their hands are clean.

Answer to most problems

What are our problems? What is keeping us from reaching the long time democratic goals of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness? When banksters get billions but fight against raising the minimum raise. When the poor and minorities just need a break to get by until they can find a job but politicians cut food stamps and scrap programs that are designed to help. The same politicians try to deny the poor, the young, and minorities the opportunity to change things by restricting their ability to vote.

Inspection- Fred Phelps: Unintended Hero?

"Your mission, Mr. Phelps: and you did decide to accept it, is to be so over the top that left and right act in revulsion at the antics of you and your group. To turn society from one where a politician can win by running against gay marriage to one where those who preach such are increasingly isolated, look like the fanatics they are."

  I understand that calling him a "hero" is disgusting. But does the villain ever take on heroic attributes? Well the 60s and the 70s were rife with anti-heroes in the movies, but that's not quite what I mean. So let's go where all folks go when talking villains and evil.

Owner of Globe University: "Sell! Sell! Sell!"

In July of 2012, after a two-year investigation, the Senate HELP Committee released a scathing report on the for-profit college industry. The investigation found that many of these schools charge a much higher tuition, have lower graduation rates, saddle more students in debt, and often have higher student loan default rates than at traditional colleges.

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GM Shows Why We Need Medicare for All

Thom plus logo General Motors just pulled healthcare for 50,000 workers. There are some Democratic candidates suggesting that people love their health insurance companies, but this calculated move by a giant corporation that you and I helped bail out proves that employer sponsored healthcare is just another tool to control workers.