March 2014

Financial Times Article

Can someone direct me to the artical in the financial times that Tom recently referred to on air concerning the liklihood of global financial collapse in the not too distant future?

Only a temp cancellation!

We have cancelled, but will reactivate in payday, April 1 (not a joke:-))

Do you call this affordable?

Four months ago, I went on to check the rates for myself and I found on the bronze level that it would cost $173.67 amonth with $6,300 deducable. Today I check the same site and same package and I found out it was now $221.41 a month! A increase of $47.74. Now I thought Obamacare ooops Nancy Pelosi spoke it seven times yesterday "affordable care " was to reduce cost. It seems to me it should be called "Increase Cost care"


The problem with congress is very simple....Congressmen think they need to take Pac and Lobby money to get elected...but no more....the internet and social media are changing that...In New York's 7th district, Jeff Kurzon is running such a campaign for Congress...he is not taking Pac or Lobby funding and therefore will only be responsible to his constituents, while his opponent is taking money from banks and wall street....he needs your help to get elected...he is a forerunner of a new wave in political disruption...look him up (http://je

Venezuela: Strikingly Lazy Journalism by the corporate (and the progressive) media!

As a radical leftist with a background in latin american politics who has spent time in Venezuela with artists, educators and other civil society actors (often dismissed by the left as the Venezuela "middle class"), I was extremely disappointed in the March 11 show segment, “Corporate Propaganda on Venezuela,”

Living near FRACKING well associated with increased risk of birth defects.

We knew fracking was bad, but this is sickening

Private college president makes astronomical salary


Thank you so much for your show on the student debt crisis. A whole generation has been lost to Wall St greed. Just in case you weren't aware of it, the president of a small So California college, Chapman University pays himself over $1 million a year. He does this by charging high tuition to students and their families and denying tenure, retirement and health care to faculty lecturers and part time staff. For profit education has to stop. This should be a school not a private business.

The City

I'm going to run roughshod over this subject because I just don't have a lot of time but I have some interesting information which I want to pass along and feel like getting this done at the moment as far as just getting a few thoughts down. Certainly theres a lot of people researching the phenomenon of the city from various angles but I am just relating some random info. and thoughts which have come up along the way as I read about various other issues.

The cingulate system in our brains reveals how we get stuck on ourselves, attention, and fear.

This research comes from Daniel Amen's book "Change Our Brain, Change Our Life", where over 800,000 stimulus and response reactions were documented to determine what areas of the brain have what functionality with regards to our behaviors and their characteristics. The cingulate system is very important because it is our "transmission" of thought and perception, and unfortunately, it is getting stuck in a variety of ways in an ever increasing number of people.

We must hold our Politicians, Executives and Members of Special Interests personally responsible for Climate Collapse and the Mass Extinction.

They must be made to disgorge all their wealth even if it is in the hands of their off-spring at the time they are held accountable.

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Did Trump Commit Treason?

Thom plus logo News reports increasingly are suggesting that Donald Trump has committed treason in making a promise to a foreign leader. The question is, who is the foreign leader and what was the promise?