March 2014

Newly developed part of our brains,"The Prefrontal Cortex". Rationalism, pragmatism, empathy, and ability to see oneself objectively.

Attached is a picture of an Excel spreadsheet that lists the various abilities that reside in the Prefrontal Cortex. I acquired these from a book called "Change Your Brain, Change Your Life", by Daniel Amen. Ther work behind these characteristic functions of the prefrontal cortex come from over 800,000 stimulus and response method with individuals whom had electrodes attached to the various regions of the brain to determine where activity occurred when stimulus that reveals empathy, as an example, takes place in. These are those functions of the prefrontal cortex.&nbs

Distraught Relatives of Missing Flight 370 Passengers Dragged Away From TV Cameras By Malaysian Officials

New York Times, March 19, 2014

As my colleague Chris Buckley reported, distraught family members of passengers on the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 were forcibly dragged away from reporters on Wednesday after they unfurled a banner accusing the Malaysian government of "consealing the truth" and spoke of their grief.

Should President Obama impose sanctions on the Russian Government

As you all well know President Obama did away with our man space program a few years ago; we are now asking the Russian Government and several million dollars to lift a ride to the International Space Station will he (President Obama) continue to pay them for us to travel on the Space Station we paid a majority of it.

Obama's latest attack on woman

Attorney General Eric Holder will be announcing that Toyota will have to pay over a billion dollars on the problems they had with their cars. Do you think he will do that to General Motors too? They have trouble with their cars and trucks too;And if he does isn’t that a attack on woman being that Mary Barra is running General Motors.

Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine opposes rightwing takeover of Ukraine government

Natalia Vitrenko of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine states that the rightwing takeover of Ukraine was illegal, violating Ukraine's constitution as well as international law. The Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, despite its political opposition to exiled President Yanakovych, defends his constitutional right to office and the use of legal means to change political leadership.

So, tell me again, President Obama, why we are embracing the far right and Neo-Nazis in Ukraine....your Administration's stance does not make sense, unless it too is fascistic.

The crash of 2008

In case everyone forgot, it wasn't just the "banksters" that caused the crash of '08, it was the price of OIL going over $147. a barrel & fuel over $5.00 a gallon!

Inspection- If I Wanted to Fashion a Fascistic State

"We must close union offices, confiscate their money and put their leaders in prison. We must reduce worker's salaries and take away their right to strike."

-Adolf Hitler, May 2nd, 1933

Crop Yields Seen Damaged by Climate Change Earlier Than Thought

Should the American people pay for it?

Being that President Obama was the first black President and he did collect several hundred million dollars for both of his Presidential successful bids by the people and his billionaire friends should we as citizens pay for his library and if so where do you feel it should be located? Chicago? Honolulu? Or Your guess!

Monsanto, Cargill and Other Big Ag Corporations Stake Claims in Ukraine

And all this time we thought the struggle for Ukraine was between the EU/NATO and Russia...and actually it is about Corporate Hegemony after all!?

Turns out corporations like Monsanto, Dupont, Cargill want their corporate fingers in that rich agricultural land that is Ukraine...and their hands are dirty already!



Feeding Europe

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If Americans Die in a Pandemic - Blame the GOP

Thom plus logo As a possible pandemic looms on the horizon, the United States is the only developed nation in the world without a national healthcare system. Medicare For All is not just about saving as much as half of all of our half healthcare dollars, it's also about national security.