March 2014

Thom, please tell our leaders and the media to STFU!

I have been reading nothing but propoganda designed to pound a wedge between US and Russian relations. The media, even CNN and supposedly unbiased sources are making bullshit polls that say MOST AMERICANS CONSIDER RUSSIA A THREAT.

Green House Whore Obama's Gina McCarthy: EPA undercounting total US Methane emissions by 50%

Excerpt from the Article regarding Gina McCarthy's management of the US EPA:

Politicians shouldn’t spend time raising money but arm twisting other politicians to vote in favor of the People.

So, yea, votes against the People’s best interest - by a member of either party - are the fault of any politician that spent time raising money. This is true regardless of how they themselves voted. So Tammy Baldwin, etc. don't hide behind your vote, when you should have been arm twisting for the People but chose to raise money instead.

Paul Ryan finding it difficult to hide his hardcore racist beliefs emblematic of the WI GOP.

ALEC'y UPS Fires 250 workers for protesting working conditions.

What did UPS deliver two weeks ago? Pink slips. To 250 employees.

UPS fired a longtime union activist in Maspeth, NY, without the fair hearing he was entitled to. When word got out, 250 other drivers walked off the job in solidarity.

Now UPS is retaliating. They sent a termination notice to all 250 drivers who participated in the protest. In other words, "You're fired."



While USA consumers seem to be satisfied with seeking mere food labelling that warns them after the fact that our food supply is tainted with man-made transgenic pollutants, there are some Africans who want their entire continent to become GMO-FREE and are saying so...

ALSO SEE the AFRICAN CENTER FOR BIOSAFETY's website with position papers and news--Food Sovereignty! Agricultural Ecology! YES!

Ellen Brown runs for California State Treasurer and seeks to form California state bank

Ellen Brown knows California should not be paying private banks and bankers interest on debt when California CAN OWN ITS OWN BANK. If North Dakota can do it, why can't California?

So, she's running for California State Treasurer in 2014 to push for fiscal sanity in the Sunshine state!

Very inspiring, Ellen Brown! This is a mighty big "tag, you're it!" example, imo.



Who's Who of fascists in the putsch and take-over in Ukraine

This article (which reads like a poem about dark times) lists the unelected thugs now "in office" in KIEV, Ukraine, including those trapsing over to visit President Obama. It's written by Steve Lendman (author of "Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity").



The Deep State: Its particulars of which we all should be aware

Peter Dale Scott article shines light into the shadows so we can see the Deep State--



Like myself, Lofgren suggests an ambiguous symbiosis between two aspects of the American deep state:

1) the Beltway agencies of the shadow government, like the CIA and NSA, which have been instituted by the public state and now overshadow it, and

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Lev Parnas is afraid of Bill Barr - and he should be

Thom plus logo Lev Parnas recently told Rachel Maddow that he's more afraid of Attorney General Bill Barr than he is of the mobbed-up foreign oligarchs he has betrayed. Barr, after all, can weaponize our prisons to punish Parnas.