June 2014

No free pass on Obama being 100% responsible for Iraq today.

Enough of the excuses and apologies for Obama’s performance! Especially from the luxury lefties that aren’t effected by Obama’s deficiencies as a leader as much as those on Main Street.


The great schism: Whether economic power flows from the corporation or the corporation and the state, the liturgy of patriotic greed sung or said, and the host dry compassion or wet philanthropy, celebration of orthodox materialism has sunk into the selling of indulgences, displays of decaying idols, gluttony and sloth. Practicing our fiscal faithfulness and daily penances, we pray for reform.


Climate Collapse: Extremely Rare Massive Twin Tornadoes hit NE

Time to treat the Oil and Gas Industry like the Tobacco and Asbestos industry and sue them to bone!


Salon: “Fracking suspended after earthquakes rock Ohio”

It is time for frackers to pay property owners for the incremental degradation of their structures caused by Obama's fracking.


A big wet kiss to Al Roker for reporting on all the earthquakes in OK caused by Fracking.

Finally the main stream media is acting responsibly for the PEOPLE!

Way to go Today Show

Keep putting out the truth Al! And Matt,...well...whatever

history notes; pre- and post- WW2, events and ideology

When discussing capitalism and socialism, and variants such as anarchism, in the contemporary context, we find that capitalism has triumphed in having emerged as a political system. Capital consolidated itself prior to the French Revolution and then successfully exploited its institutionalized position subsequent to that event. The attempt to supercede capitalism by fascism is usually the historical turning point at which contemporary theoreticians define the process of capital eventually reversing its direction by eliminating the state entirely.

Rich People Regulate Everyone But Themselves.

Rich People Regulate Everyone But Themselves.

A new concept has just dawned upon me -- one that may help explain peoples' divergent perceptions of world events and social change, one that may help unite people across the political spectrum. It has the appearance of a meme, but it is far more than that. In any case, I find it a helpful way of looking at society as well as a possible catch-phrase.

6 yrs!?!: Obama does not deserve a pass on corruption at the VA because it started under bush.

I'm stupified that a person might even evthink that is a viable explanation or apology.

How desperate do you have to be to make such an assertion?!?

I mean, seriously?! and we are talking here, on planet earth, right?!

Bullshit indicator red-lines as Obama explains “humanitarian” reasons for US re-involvement in Iraq.

America does NOT intervene militarily in other countries to simply stop mass killings.

Stroke - And a speedy recovery using Acupuncture

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Behold The Trump's Crime Family's Disrespect of Life & Humanity....

Thom plus logo In a time when wildlife populations around the world are crashing, endangered species tremble on the verge of extinction, and the entire web of life is at risk, the son of the President of the United States went to Mongolia and shot an endangered species, the largest sheep in the world with 6 foot horns.