August 2014

Universities should run Monetary, Energy and Social policies

I'm aware it sounds a utopia, but imagine ... if all Monetary, Energy and Social policies were created and/or improved by universities staff, the most qualified ones, they would do it for free, for honor, like an ongoing tesis.

Imagine if all the tax money being spent in salaries for politicians (current and old ones still living out of our taxes) , was spent in education intead.

Imagine if lobby, as we saddly know it today, were higly illegal, and higly punishable, how different priorities would be.

Just imagine how different this country could be.

Dorian Johnson has now admitted that Michael Brown attacked Officer Wilson

Dorian Johnson has now admitted that Michael Brown attacked Officer Wilson and attempted to take his gun. OFFICER WILSON WILL NOT BE CHARGED!”

Distractions and Illusions

Fast and Furious. The border crisis. Trading hostages for an alleged deserter. The border crisis. Wallstreet bailout. The border crisis. Libya and Syria. The border crisis. Global climate changes. The border crisis. Increasing food and utility prices. The border crisis. Cash for Clunkers. The border crisis. Increased price of home fuel oil, natural gas, oil, and automobile gas. The border crisis. Government shutdown. The border crisis. Iran, Afghanistan, and the Kurds. The border crisis. Isis. The border crisis. The Boston Bombing. The border crisis. Oligarchy America.

More Trouble on the Border

Inspection- Kick Me People

Ferguson? Trayvon? Michael Dunn? Some people just don't get it. Or don't want to get it. I doubt it, but maybe this will help? Share it with those who "don't get it," if you wish...

Cops killing citizens is not about black v. white

Thom, before going too far with the Ferguson cop shooting the kid, check into the police killings in Albuquerque, NM. There were 22 deadly shootings since early 2010; the community finally woke up when cops killed a homeless man who had his back turned while saying "don't shoot", and who was apparently getting his belongings to go with the cops. The killing was filmed on the officer's video lapel camera and was played on TV. It showed how the agressive cops killed this poor man.

Flaring of Natural Gas in the Bakken, Nd.

$100 Million of Natural Gas are being flared (wasted) in North Dakota for the simple economic expediency for recovering the oil, which cannot come up with all of the gas pressure holding it back. Flaring is better than dumping, as CH4 is a strong greenhouse gas and by flaring it you end up with one CO2 and four H2O. That said, the dilemma is this; no adequate pipe lines exist to export the gas and pipelines cost a half million dollars per mile. There are other means though. There are several companies that could consume and export the energy via EHV pow

Ramping up for War with Syria: All executions are unconscionable, and Foley wore a helmet and flack jacket.

The Washington\Big Oil nexus is turning up the propaganda for war with Syria to a feverish pitch.

The best way to make the beheading of Mr. Foley even worse, is to use it to secure even more violence. Worse yet, make that to secure “commercially motivated” violence.

Taking his life was a disgusting act, but so is taking any life under any circumstances. Washington is guilty of using what happened to him as a center piece for their diseased reasoning for even more violence…and that truly is disgusting.

OMG Polarization of Wealth careening out of control: Mobil Home Sales Up, as is demand for Uber, UBER$$$$ Expensive residences.

The $16 trillion plus bail out started under Bush and finished under Bush 4 was the largest monetary heist in U.S. history.

One group in America gets all the luxury they can handle - publicly financed by those who can't afford it - while the same 99% get controlled by military hardware.

Deadline Sept 18 2014: Stop Obama from approving the Enbridge 67 Pipeline expansion.

America must stop facilitating oil, gas, coal and nuclear energy. These energy sources’ social costs and risks - as determined by a reasonable, patriotic, and sensible member of American society - grossly outweigh their benefit both now and most certainly for future generations.

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Can Humanity Be Saved?

Thom plus logo As the Amazon is on fire and the Democratic Party refuses to hold a debate focused on climate change, an Australian think tank has come out with a report suggesting the possibility that climate change could destroy human civilization within as little as 30 years.